Westside Story – Roadway Catapult


With over two decades in law enforcement, I have investigated plenty of cases involving unnecessary injury and death to innocent victims. While it is true I am retired, I can still spot potential trouble from a mile away.

Check this guy out. He loaded a heavy water heater onto the trunk deck of his car and then with some flimsy cord and a single bungee cord, tied the load down by running the line through his open back windows. Down the road he goes. [Read more...]

TNT: Steilacoom woman sought answers on child abuse — from a child predator

“Sylvia Peterson wasn’t thinking about a book when she began visiting the most dangerous female sex predator in the state. She was hoping to resolve her own personal horror.

“‘I thought it might be possible to get information that would help explain my grandfather, who abused me when I was 7 years old,’ Peterson said.” Read the rest of Larry Larue’s story in The News Tribune.

TNT: Megachurch in old multiplex theater? U.P. wants time to think about it

“After learning a large church might be interested in the former Galaxy Narrows Theater on the eastern border of University Place, the City Council voted 5 to 2 Monday night to approve a moratorium preventing large religious groups from locating in commercial zones.” Read more the rest of Brynn Grimley’s story in The News Tribune.

A Call for Caring Adults

Caring adults are needed to mentor students in grades 4-12 who attend Clover Park schools. We have several students on a wait list who need extra encouragement and support in order to thrive in school. Was there a person who came into your life and empowered you to reach your potential? If so, maybe now is the time for you to do the same. [Read more...]