Letter: A $9-million walking (logrolling) path ‘round Gravelly Lake?

Lumberjack World Championships

And this is important because?

The Lakewood City Council held its retreat Feb.21 at City Hall on the third floor – which is three floors above street level where the rest of the 58,211 people in the city live – but at least that venue is a considerable savings to the taxpayer given the event used to be held at the posh Alderbrook Resort and Spa on Hood Canal. [Read more…]

Adelphian Concert Choir tour marries poetry and music

TACOMA, Wash. – The Adelphian Concert Choir will introduce audiences to some of the most revered marriages of poetry and music—from ancient times to today—as they tour the Pacific Northwest this spring.

University of Puget Sound’s celebrated 42-voice student ensemble will give free public concerts at schools, colleges, and churches in Washington and Oregon, from Friday, March 13 to Saturday, March 28. [Read more…]

Lakewood Police Chief Bret Farrar to retire

After nearly three decades of serving and protecting the Lakewood community, Police Chief Bret Farrar has announced that he will retire in April.

One of the most recognizable faces and personalities in the community, Chief Farrar will end his law enforcement career where it started. He began as a Patrol Deputy in Lakewood for the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department in 1988, before the City’s incorporation. [Read more…]

Lakewood Gardens’ Executive Director to speak at Lakewood United

Lakewood Gardens’ Executive Director, Stephanie Walsh will update Lakewood United on “Lakewold Gardens – What is coming?” on Thursday, March 5.

The Lakewood United group meets at 7 AM every Thursday at Burs Restaurant, which is located at 6151 Steilacoom Boulevard SW in Lakewood. The next 2 Thursday programs are as follows: [Read more…]

Is Tacoma School District Destroying Fircrest’s Identity?

Proposed Tacoma School District Plan for Wainwright School.

The small community of Fircrest, Washington has a rich history and an identity to be proud of.  It began as a well planned and carefully constructed suburban paradise, influenced heavily by the teaching and ideals of Fredrick Law Olmstead, and the City Beautiful Movement.  The founders of the town called the innovative development Regents Park, “Regents” referring to the members of a board that governs an institution, and “Park”, an open natural community space for recreational purposes of the residents. [Read more…]