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Westside Story – Fajardo For Sheriff Reason #7

Cyndie Fajardo (pronounced faa har doe) is running for Pierce County Sheriff. There are many reasons to vote for Lieutenant Fajardo.

Reason #1 to vote Fajardo for Sheriff is because of Lieutenant Fajardo’s and her family’s long involvement with LAW ENFORCEMENT and PUBLIC SERVICE, dating back to 1886.

Reason #2 to vote Fajardo for Sheriff relates to her LEADERSHIP profile.

Reason #3 to vote Fajardo for Sheriff is her EXPERIENCE.

Reason #4 to vote Fajardo for Sheriff is her time served as a PATROL OFFICER.

Reason #5 to vote Fajardo for Sheriff is her time served as a PATROL SERGEANT.

Reason #6 to vote Fajardo for Sheriff is her time served as a PATROL LIEUTENANT.

Reason #7 to vote Fajardo for Sheriff is Cyndie Fajardo’s tenure as PRESIDENT OF THE PIERCE COUNTY DEPUTY SHERIFF’S INDEPENDENT GUILD for the years 2006 – 2015.

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As Guild President Cyndie Fajardo was involved with a long list of activities and responsibilities that required excellent human relation skills, negotiation expertise, and leadership ability.

A partial list of President Fajardo’s involvements while she lead the Guild included, but was not limited to the following:

  1. President Fajardo helped developed a business plan for the Guild, which resulted in an investment account to pay a retiree stipend.
  2. President Fajardo helped separate Contract Negotiations from Business Agent Duties which produced favorable results in wages and benefits.
  3. President Fajardo helped Organized Labor Management to better track issues brought before the Union body.
  4. President Fajardo participated in disciplinary actions, including Arbitrations and Public Employee Relations Commissions Hearings (PERC).
  5. President Fajardo testified on numerous issues during the legislative sessions in Olympia. Cyndie Fajardo is unquestionably a dedicated individual. She was one of only two union representatives that testified in the legislature to improve benefits for the spouses of police officers who died in the line of duty protecting us as citizens.
  6. President Fajardo was a key player in the bond program to improve radio communications.
  7. President Fajardo served as the labor representative in over 20 Officer-Involved Shootings.

Cyndie Fajardo’s long tenure as Guild President indicates she had the demeanor and skills to work, communicate, and negotiate with the department’s employees who serve in the positions of deputy through lieutenant. President Fajardo possessed the flexibility to collaborate, communicate, and successfully negotiate with the department’s upper administration. She spent years bringing both sides together for the mutual benefit of all.

Cyndie Fajardo
Cyndie Fajardo For Sheriff of Pierce County.

Cyndie Fajardo’s website: www.fajardoforsheriff.com

Lieutenant Fajardo understands how to successfully work for positive labor relations. She knows the issues from bottom to top and from top to bottom.

Cyndie Fajardo served ten years as Sheriff’s Guild President. Joseph Boyle endorses Cyndie Fajardo for Pierce County Sheriff because of her wide spectrum of experience, leadership, management, service and community impact.

The views expressed in this article are the writer’s own.

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