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Westside Story – A Planted Story

If you are like me, you set your alarm clock for 6:00a every day except Sunday. Sunday, I set my alarm for 12:00 noon.

Why 6:00a six days a week and only 12:00 noon one day a week? Because during the six days, I do not want to miss The Suburban Times when it flies magically into my email box at 6:04a. I am ready.

Why noon on Sunday? The Suburban Times is not published on Sunday. I can sleep in and rest up from having strained myself as a retired guy getting up at such an early hour. I do not have a job, so there is absolutely no reason for me to even own an alarm.

Now that I have finished my big introductory story build-up, it is time for me to get to my next big point. My point is this: Do not some of you get tired of getting up at 6:04a only to start reading The Suburban Times? Then it happens. You see another Westside Story, and there I go again with some opinion or some other nonsense?

In case that might be the case, I am going to stop writing and just present a photo for today’s Westside Story using only fifteen words. Ready?

This “hos-ta” to be my wife’s favorite hosta. She carefully cultivated it in her garden.

Now that I have written a Westside Story with only fifteen words, you can start to think of Joe Boyle as a succinct writer rather than a verbose writer.

Of course, with all my explanation and bragging about being succinct, I have more likely than not proven to be a verbose writer once again.

“Host-ta” la vista.

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