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Seaquist Denounces Republican Opponent’s Divisive Campaign Tactics in Favor of Getting Pierce County Back to Work

Submitted by Larry Seaquist for Pierce County Executive Campaign.

With tens of thousands out of work and the virus still paralyzing our economy, Larry Seaquist confirmed today that he is harnessing his campaign for Pierce County Executive to the immediate task of building a new, 21st Century economy for all in Pierce County, while his opponent has stooped to deceitful Trump tactics.

“Pierce is at a turning point,” says Seaquist, a former State Legislator.  “Many of the old jobs and legacy businesses are not coming back, even once we corral this virus.  We must plan now to upskill our workforce – so that everyone, and I mean everyone, has a place in the new, high tech, high skills world ahead. Now is the time for action, and my campaign is committed to lifting up the experiences of everyday people struggling to make ends meet in this new reality.” 

“There is no going back,” said the former U.S. Navy Captain. “One of the reasons the virus hit our economy so hard is that our training and education levels have been allowed to fall behind. We’ve left our citizens lagging behind with average education and training way below our prosperous neighbors in King County,” said Seaquist, citing the county’s own data.  “Pierce County residents are plenty smart and hardworking; they just need the opportunity to upskill for the 21st Century jobs and careers waiting for them.”

“That means everyone,” said Seaquist.  “The Black Lives Matter Movement has opened the door to fundamental change.  We can and must start right now to fully include all of our African American residents and people of color who disproportionately face economic hardship.”

Noting the disturbing increase in COVID-19 infections, Seaquist warns that we can’t go anywhere until we’ve corralled the virus with the masks, testing, tracing, and social distancing ordered by Governor Inslee.  “We’re only in the second inning, not the fourth quarter in our battle with the virus,” said Seaquist.  “We won’t get everyone back to work safely until we’ve overcome the virus.”

“We have to deal with a second infection,” said Seaquist.  “The Trump reelection campaign is trying to infect our whole country with the rotten politics of division and hatred.  Sadly, spots of that infection seem to be breaking out here in Pierce County.  I’m immensely disappointed that our current county leadership is unable to respond to the virus, the economic crash, and the marvelous Black Lives Matter Movement with the strategic vision, the leadership, and the open honesty we need now.”

The Seaquist campaign will continue to use Zoom and other media for substantive Town Halls and Community Conversations around the county.  “I look forward to your ideas,” said Seaquist. “Call me personally at (253) 225-0616, email me at larry@larryseaquist.com. I look forward to learning how you see the situation we are in and what ideas you have for moving all – and I do mean all of us – forward.”

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