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Steilacoom Town Administrator June 19 Report to Council

Upcoming Meetings:

Council Future Agenda “Look-Ahead” Issues:

Copies of the Agenda and staff reports are available at all Town facilities once published. The Agenda and

Council meeting minutes are posted to the Town’s official website once approved.

Farmers’ Market:

The Town of Steilacoom’s 2020 Farmers’ Market commenced Wednesday, June 17th and will continue every Wednesday through August. The Market runs from 3 PM to 7 PM and given the new distancing requirements, Lafayette Street between Wilkes Street and Main Street and Wilkes Street between Lafayette Street and Commercial Street will be closed from noon through 8 PM.

Business, Rental, and Utility Assistance Programs:

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was passed by Congress. The CARES Act provides fast and direct economic assistance for American workers, families, and small businesses, and preserves jobs. The Town received funding through the State of Washington and the Mayor and Town

Council authorized funds to be used for the following programs:

1. Town of Steilacoom Business Assistance Program. Business Assistance Application

2. Town of Steilacoom Utility Assistance Program. Utility Assistance Application

3. Town of Steilacoom Rental Assistance Program. Rental Assistance Application

To apply, residents should download the appropriate application form from the Town’s official website, fill it out, and submit it to:

Town of Steilacoom

Attn: Paul Loveless

1030 Roe Street

Steilacoom, Washington 98388

These programs are subject to funding limitations and submitting and application does not guarantee funds will be awarded.

4th of July Park Closures:

Saltar’s Point Park will be closed on the 4th of July and Sunnyside Beach Park will close at 8 PM.

Community Services:

Summer Camp:

The Town is currently registering for Summer Camp which started Monday, June 15th. Additional information available on the Town’s official website or contact the Community Center at 253.581.1076.

Public Safety:

Public Safety responded to the following significant events over the past week:

During the evening of 6/18, Steilacoom Officers responded to the area of Steilacoom Boulevard and Farwest Drive Southwest for a report of a brief confrontation between 2 persons. Initial on-scene accounts indicated 2 persons were within a convenience store, when a loud sound was heard within the immediate area. One individual suffered a minor injury to their leg from metal shrapnel, for which they declined medical assistance. The other person was briefly confronted by additional persons on scene, and then fled in a minimally described vehicle. Initial evidence on scene suggests the loud sound was caused by a firearm discharge. Investigation into involved persons of interest is ongoing, but preliminary evidence suggests the firearm discharge was not intentional.

Public Safety received several reports of an adolescent-aged black bear roaming the area. Officers from the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife responded and thoroughly searched the area, to no avail. The latest reports indicate the animal has moved further south and out of town.

During the closure of the Public Safety building, we have received an increase in items left within our mailbox, to include prescription medications. We request citizens to refrain from placing any items within our mailbox and remind everyone that our medication disposal program can still be conducted via telephone contact at (253) 581-0110.

Reports of identity theft via unauthorized unemployment/employment assistance benefits continue to increase. Please visit tinyurl.com/ybsnfrae to report becoming a victim and for assistance with identity theft protection.

Public Safety is aware of increased levels of civil unrest throughout the county, and we are monitoring the progression of events along with our emergency management partners. Peaceful demonstrations are a fundamental right in our community, however senseless violence and destruction are not. Public Safety is grateful to our residents for their ongoing patience and support through these evolving circumstances. Public Safety continues to monitor demonstration activity throughout the region, along with our law enforcement partners. There have been multiple events around our area over the past weeks, none of which have resulted in reports of violence or property destruction.

Suspicious Activity:

If you observe suspicious activity, please contact Public Safety – non-emergency number – (253) 798-4721 as soon as possible. To anonymously report suspicious activity please email the Department at crimetips@ci.steilacoom.wa.us

Public Works:

Streets and Storm:

Crew Emphasis:

The crew concentrated on sweeping and blowing the downtown core in preparation for the Farmers’ Market; sprayed and mowed for noxious weeds in the Galloway and Marietta areas of Town; performed vegetation control in various storm ponds around Town; continued right-of-way mowing throughout Town; and performed other maintenance activities.


Crew Emphasis:

The crew installed banners for the Farmers’ market; pulled primary three-phase cable on Steilacoom Boulevard and then from Steilacoom Boulevard to Marietta Court; reenergized a residence in the 900 block of Powell Street; installed conduit on Champion Street; and performed other system maintenance.


Crew Emphasis:

The crew assisted the Electric crew pulling wire on Steilacoom Boulevard; reviewed 60% plan for the Marietta lift station upgrades; assisted the Electric Department installing conduit on Champion Street; continued mowing and weeding eating around lift stations and wells; and performed other routine maintenance.

The annual Consumer Confidence Report was completed and posted to the Town’s official website at townofsteilacoom.org.

Parks, Buildings and Grounds:

Crew Emphasis:

The crew performed buildings and grounds maintenance activities including mowing; continued maintaining the hanging the baskets; provided support for the Farmers’ Market; adjusted sprinkler heads and water flow on various irrigation systems; and performed other maintenance activities.

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