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University Place Councilmember Javier Figueroa files for Pierce County Council District 4

Submitted by Amylena Figueroa.

Javier Figueroa running as an Independent for Pierce County Council District 4 is endorsed by both Bruce Dammeier a Republican and Joe Stortini a Democrat due to his life experiences, career, and community service.

Supporters include University Place councilmembers Kent Keel, Denise McCluskey, Steve Worthington, Howard Lee, P.C. Treasurer/Assessor Mike Lonergan and P.C. Councilmember Dave Morell. Civic leaders include Jerry Korum, Mike Blair, Kyle Smith, Gayle-Hampton Smith, Catherine Rudolph, Melanie Kirk-Stauffer, Dr. Charles Horne, and Lieutenant General Stephen Lanza (Ret).

Figueroa with wife Mary Kay and daughter Amylena

“Figueroa is a community member that understands fiscal responsibility and the need to keep our communities healthy today and into the future.” said Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier.

“Javier is truly a “People’s” Advocate—always placing people before politics. He is an experienced policy decision maker always helping spread prosperity to his community. Javier is a voice for the marginalized and disadvantaged in society.” said former Pierce County Executive Joe Stortini.

Since 2009, Figueroa has been serving the City of University Place as a city council member where he currently holds office. Figueroa has served as the city’s Finance Chair, Mayor Pro Tem, and Mayor. He became the first naturalized citizen from Mexico elected in Washington State. Figueroa’s service extends beyond the political area. He is a Vietnam Veteran, serving 12 years in the U.S. Army. As a volunteer, he served as a Court Appointed Special Advocate. He also served as a director for The Grand Cinema Board, The Tahoma Audubon Society Board, Washington State Council on Aging, and as President of the Rainier Communication Commission. Figueroa also served 21 years as an Arbitrator for the Better Business Bureau.

Figueroa stated, “I’ve spent a lot of time at ground zero advocating for workable solutions in my community by digging to the bottom of difficult issues, identifying the key players and market factors at work, and sticking with the facts. Citizens should be able to have a sense of trust and pride in the member they elect, and I intend on providing just that.”

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