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Fairy House Building

Submitted by Lakewold Gardens.

It’s springtime! Flowers are blooming, soft rains are falling and it’s time to welcome fairies into our gardens. Scour your yard and garden* for supplies, and remember that fairies love nature, so make it as natural as possible. Send us a picture for our virtual fairy house competition. You will also be able to display the fairy house in our garden during Fairyfest!

Fairy House Building Poster

*If you don’t have a garden, come by and collect supplies out of our Fairy House bin. Enter our parking lot on Saturdays and Sundays only between 12-2pm (May 23/24 only) and collect materials from the designated Fairy House bin. Please only take things out of the bin, and not off the plants or other areas.


1) It’s time to build your fairy house! You can build it freehand, or choose a structure to affix your materials to. If you would like to keep your fairy house outside, this structure should be made out of wood, or something waterproof. Consider reusing an old birdhouse, watering can or flowerpot.

Fairy House

2) Gather your materials! Look around your yard for natural elements to build your house with. Consider branches, moss, pinecones, leaves, shells and vines. Small stones, pebbles, and flowers will also work. What other materials will you add?

3) Now that you have an optional structure and materials chosen, start assembling! For this step, you may need a small hammer and nails, a hot glue gun, wood glue or simply some white glue. Consider your materials and use your best judgement. Safety first!

Fairy House II

4) Once your house is done, snap a picture! Send the photo, along with the name(s) and age(s) of the builder(s), and fairy house description to marketing@lakewoldgardens.org. We will feature the photographs and descriptions on our website! Three outstanding houses will be chosen for a feather award and the winners will be declared online on June 19th!
(Submissions due by Monday, June 15)

5) Please do not submit commercial or plastic kits, or any sort of copyrighted imagery. We want to see what your imagination comes up with!

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