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Melanie Morgan Announces Re-Election Campaign

Parkland, WA – Representative Morgan was able to make major impacts on issues of equity, civil rights, and community engagement. This was evident in her redistribution of resources to the 29th LD and her prime sponsored bills tackling the issues of sexual harassment, discrimination, housing, veterans, and voter inclusion. Representative Morgan brought a total of 8 bills into law over the course of her first two-year term. Most notable was her instrumental work towards the passage of the Nations first State Equity Office.  

Rep. Morgan is a true leader and an example of how the government belongs to all. She has shown this in her first term by being elected as the Deputy Majority Floor Leader. Morgan’s leadership abilities did not end on the floor, she continued her leadership as the Chair of the first Legislative Black Members Caucus in the State of Washington.  Her guidance to the caucus led to an informed decision in the 2019 election of the House Speaker. With Rep. Morgan in the House, she will continue to lead the way for all her constituents, including people of color, seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities. 

“I’m excited to return to Olympia to continue the work on homlessness, low-income housing, transportation and the accountability/accessibility in state government”. Said Rep. Morgan. There is no time to waste on these issues, Rep. Morgan is aware of the needs and will not stop until there is an equitable solution in place.  Morgan’s plans to run for office is not just about getting re-elected, but more so an opportunity to further bring a voice to Olympia that isn’t always heard. She strongly believes the legislative process belongs to all and with your vote, looks forward to continuing to lead the way for unheard voices throughout the state of Washington.

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