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CPSD Staff Spotlight: Jennifer Wood

Jennifer is in her second year teaching at the school and works with special education students in second through fifth grade.

She transitioned from social work into education a few years ago. She started out as a paraeducator and utilized the alternative routes to certification program in Clover Park to get started as a teacher.

Evergreen life skills teacher Jennifer Wood.

Jennifer is currently working to earn a master’s degree in education. “In working with students who have behavioral challenges, I began to see that so much of it was out of their control, and I started to have ideas about how I could help them,” she said. “The answer to that was to become an educator and build a classroom I felt supported them.”

She is a veteran. She spent seven years as an air traffic controller in the Army and five years in the Air National Guard. Her husband is a command sergeant major in the Army, which means their family is constantly on the move.

“Moving is just something we live with,” she said. “I actually think it helps me build better connections with my students. Having lived around the world, I am better able to connect with a more diverse group of students.”

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