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CPSD Promising Future: Ahisamac Rodriguez

Ahisamac loves science and math and wants to be an astronaut when he grows up. He enjoys learning about Earth and outer space and wants to conduct experiments on the International Space Station someday.

Ahisamac Rodriguez

Ahisamac prides himself on being friendly to everyone and said he enjoys making new friends. He and his family moved to Washington three year ago from Puerto Rico when his dad was stationed on Joint Base Lewis-McChord. He fit in quickly at Rainier and appreciates the teachers, staff and other students he has met at the school.

“I love having him in my class because he is so positive all of the time,” said Rainier teacher Jessica Nadal. “He is so friendly and outgoing with his classmates and teachers. I can pair him up with any other student in class and I know he is going to be a good partner to them.”

Ahisamac enjoys singing, spending time with his family and visiting the state capitol when he’s not at school.

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