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Letter: Dennis Kucinich talk at TCC zapped due to electrical difficulties

Submitted by a Kucinich fan (also, Dennis).

I was very focused and excited to have the opportunity to hear Mr. Dennis Kucinich present his views on several topics of current interest at Tacoma Community College Monday @ 12:30 pm.

I got a call from a friend that told me there was a power outage in the area and that the collage was temporarily closed, but may open around noon. I stuck to my plans hoping for the best and arrived around noon. I went directly to bldg. 11 (the scheduled venue sight) and found it locked and no notice or any sign of the event or it’s cancellation, nothing!

Out of curiosity I went to several adjacent buildings where I saw only several people, but noticed the power and heat were definitely on…not just backup lights or emergency power? I also noticed that all businesses next to the campus were in full operation. I even checked inside several and they knew of no power outage in the area.

My question, for those who were turned away and unable to hear the opinions of Mr. Kucinich, what kind of power outage was that? And will he be rescheduled?

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