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CPSD Staff Spotlight: Leanne Gutierrez, Lake Louise Paraeducator

When Leanne retired from the Army three years ago, she was faced with an uncertain future. She had spent the last 21 years working on military bases and needed to find a new career.

One thing she knew for sure: she wanted a career that let her make a difference.

“My mom was a teacher and my sister is a teacher, and they always got a lot of satisfaction out of helping kids,” Leanne said. “Now I can feel that, too. I get to walk away most days feeling like I really accomplished something.”

She mostly helps students improve at reading, working with grade-level groups from kindergarten through fifth grade. She credits the intervention team she works with for helping her find the best ways to help each student.

“Whenever I have a question or if I’m struggling with something, they’re always there to help and guide me,” she said. “They’re always trying to figure out what’s best for the children and what works and doesn’t work for each one.”

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