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My Used Eyeglasses Will Help Others See Better

By Tim Marsh

Some people toss more than they keep. That’s not me. Ask my wife.

I’m among others. We keep or try to keep everything. Even scraps of paper hold memories for us.

I’m not a Lions Club member. But, I appreciate Lions Clubs International collecting used eyeglasses. According to one Lions site, “Most of the recycled glasses are distributed to people in need in developing countries where they will have the greatest impact.”

After noticing Lions used glasses donation boxes for years, I was finally compelled now, in 2020, to donate some of my used glasses.

My first glasses — when I was attending Park Lodge School in Lakewood — are no longer in my possession. But, they are memorialized in my third grade black & white school photo. That was one of the few times I wore them.

I got my second pair of glasses from Columbia Optical (that’s what it says on the eyeglass case) in Lakewood (Tacoma?). Rarely wore them in high school.

And, I have a third pair, too. After graduating from Lakes High School in 1966 it was off to Linfield College in McMinnville, Ore. I know these are my third pair because inside the glass case I wrote my name, the college’s name and the phone number of the college dorm in which I was living. Hardly wore them.

Soon after graduating from college, wearing glasses was a necessity, not an option. Most of the glasses I’m donating are from my need to wear them time of life. I’m keeping the Park Lodge and Linfield-related glasses. Can’t bear to donate them. Too many memories.

Giving away my used glasses was the right thing to do. Thanks to the Lions I know my glasses will help people around the world to see better and, as a result, have an improved life.

Postscript — Have used eyeglasses to donate to the Lions? Click here to see a list of Lions Eyeglass Recycling Centers dropoff locations in Lakewood and elsewhere in the area.

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