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CPSD Staff Spotlight: Jewel Robinson, Lamar Hudson

Jewel and Lamar are a dynamic duo who work hard to build relationships with CPHS students to encourage them to stay in school and help them find the right opportunities following graduation.

Jewel is in her fifth year at CPHS and her 22nd in education. She works with seniors to help them apply for scholarships and financial aid, identify and apply to colleges and craft effective job and military applications. She helped the CPHS class of 2019 earn more than $10.2 million in scholarships for college last year and plans to do the same for this year’s class.

Lamar is in his fourth year at CPHS. Before getting into education, he had a background in motivational speaking. He plays many different roles every day working with students and families to help them stay in school and graduate on time.

Jewel and Lamar provide CHPS students with mentorship and guidance as they work toward graduation and think about what lies ahead in their future.

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