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Help! Peggi’s Cooking A Turkey launch event Jan. 5

If you’re looking for the perfect event to end the holiday season – that will be the launch event for the brand new delightful teeny tiny book, Help! Peggi’s Cooking a Turkey by Peggi Selden Rowe. The Launch will be held at the Oldfield Western Heritage Center on Sunday, January 5, 2020 from 12-3 pm.  

Help! Peggi’s Cooking A Turkey! clears up many hitherto unasked questions about culinary procedures.

This turkey book is slender enough to tuck in an envelope and use as a greeting card, and in this age of more and more perfect cooks on television, Peggi has chosen bravely to tell about all the ways her turkey cooking projects have gone wrong.

Although this slender volume focuses on turkeys, Peggi says she really can’t cook anything else. Dinner invitations must be framed, “Peggi won’t cook.”

Charmingly illustrated with her own line drawings, the book goes from the first days of Peggi’s marriage when she cooked the turkey soup in multiple pans for several days, so long that the pans sprang holes and the liquid leaked all over the stove and the floor.

Peggi Selden Rowe uses humor – and lots of it – in her fight against cancer.

Tips are included that are guaranteed not to be found anywhere else. For instance, if your guests are from Idaho, she says, you need to include extra sage in the dressing. She doesn’t say why.  

Help! is unique for another reason. Peggi is in the 6th year of a battle with aggressive breast cancer so a portion of the proceeds from each book will go to Sound Care which helps Peggi and others to receive treatments that otherwise not be available or approved by insurance companies.

The Oldfield Western Heritage Center is located next to the Red Gate at the Puyallup Fair Grounds.

For information, call 253-582-4565.

Books are available at The Pacific Northwest Shop in Tacoma, Steeped in Comfort in Lakewood, and online at www.itsnevertoolate.com

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