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Message from DuPont Mayor-Elect Frederick

Submitted by Ronald Frederick.

Hello Neighbors:

I am honored and humbled by the confidence you have shown in me to be your next mayor. As we put this election behind us, it is time to work together in order to preserve all the wonderful qualities that exist in our city.

The first job we have is to restore trust between our city government and its citizens as well as between different groups of citizens. This does not happen by someone riding in on a white horse and declaring that trust is restored. This will take work on the part of everyone in the community.

Thank you voters

My recent campaign was successful because we had 150 volunteers who worked hard to make it successful. Those volunteers were made up of citizens from different walks of life and different political opinions. They came together with common purpose to make our community better and to preserve our quality of life in this community.

We all live in DuPont and everyone wants the best for this community. Yes, there are different paths to achieve that goal and different ideas concerning the definition of best. That is why we need diverse opinions and people involved to arrive at appropriate solutions by the give and take of the democratic process. That is why we need open government, transparency and citizen participation in this process.

Therefore, I encourage many people to get involved in staffing our various committees and commissions, our volunteer organizations, our school organizations and any other civic participation available. We need you and we need your voices.

I want to quote here from an article written by General James Mattis, our recent Secretary of Defense, that appears in the December edition of The Atlantic Magazine (www.theatlantic/magazine). I would recommend that everyone read this article but here is one quote:

“Defects are part of the human condition. In a way, this is good news. Our imperfections can, and ought to, draw us together in humility, realism, patience, and determination. No one has a monopoly on wisdom or is free from error. Everyone benefits from understanding other points of view. The foundational virtue of democracy is trust—not trust in ones own rectitude or opinion, but trust in the capacity of collective deliberation to move us forward.”

Yes, let’s move forward and treat every fellow citizen with respect. Let’s move forward together to find the best solutions to common problems. Let’s move forward for a better tomorrow.

I look forward to working with all of you and hope to see you around town, on the trails, in the cafes and during community events.

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