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Westside Story – Santa Claus and Joe Boyle Make a Deal

There is a lot of negative press regarding Haters trying to destroy our American customs and our country. The Haters mainly use old fashioned brainwashing to make us think we dare not say things like Merry Christmas.

Even famous writer and community leader, Dave Anderson, recently published a letter in The Suburban Times titled, Bah Humbuggery.

Dave’s letter talks about elements in society promoting “Bah humbuggery” in an effort to kill off Christmas, Santa Claus, and now it has gotten all the way down to Frosty The Snowman. It is like societal cancer eating away at our happiness, values, and future survival of our country.

Separation of Church & State, political correctness, along with massive meanness, stupidity, and a lack of common sense, are raging out of control.

The downside of this nonsense is kids are robbed of their childhood imagination and the joy of celebrating Christmas. Our country’s internal enemies are succeeding in killing off holidays, church, and a belief in God. Because these historically significant activities are shrinking towards extinction, we are losing values. High-quality human values serve as the GPS for how we each conduct our lives and how we treat each other. Without values, life will become a sewer.

I am well aware that the Political Correctness zealots don’t want me to say Christmas, Santa, God, Holiday, or even Frosty the Snowman. I am charging ahead using any words or concepts I choose, because I still have my Constitutional right to free speech. They cannot fire me no matter what I say because I do not have a job. There is a certain kind of power in being unemployed.

So with my Freedom of Speech intact and a strong desire to act according to my values, I am making it practice to speak with Santa Claus anytime I see him.

Santa and I made a deal, and we shook on it. Santa promises to visit all the boys and girls in Lakewood, Dupont, Steilacoom, University Place and Tillicum. David Anderson, I made certain your Tillicum kids were included in the deal.

Photo of Joe Boyle & Santa Claus. Joe is the one on the left.

Santa plans to use his usual point of access to each child’s home by dropping down the chimney. In case the kids do not have a chimney, or if there is a roaring fire in the fireplace, I taught Santa how to pick the back door lock using a lock pick set I took of a burglar. With the right tool and well learned felonious lock picking talent, I can get in the back door faster than the home owner with his key.

I ask you, if we do not allow our young children to experience believing in the goodness of Santa Claus, how will these same children as adults be able to believe in the goodness of Democrats and Republicans?

Let’s not rob our children of their youth, imagination, and excitement for Christmas. Let’s fight back. I will start right now.

Happy Halloween, and following our November holiday, have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Ho, Ho, Ho, says, Joe!

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