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From the Streets of Shakespeare to the Court of Elizabeth

Submitted by Emily Molina SHMA Liaison to Friends of the Steilacoom Library.

To say that times were tough for woman during the Elizabethan era is probably an understatement by today’s standards.

Large economic gaps were present between the working class and the nobility. Many disparities existed between woman and men. Women from wealthy families could not inherit property unless there was a total absence of male successors. If a male son was an infant, and a daughter was of age, the son would still inherit the family lands.

Titles were passed from father to son, apart from the English crown. Elizabeth I only became queen after the succession and deaths of her brother Edward VI’s short reign, and next, her sister Mary.

A sound education for a woman consisted of learning to be agreeable, embroidery, musical inclinations, and how to run a household.
Have you ever wondered what life was like for woman during the Elizabethan era?

Join us at the Steilacoom Historical Museum as Tames Alan, renowned actress and historian, sheds light on the daily lives of some members of the female lower class community, as well as wealthy nobility. Alan will appear in full period costume depicting such characters as the butcher and baker’s wife, and members of Queen Elizabeth I’s court.

Alan has been presenting her popular one woman historical accounts and authentic period costumes since 1986. Studying both theater and history in Oregon, at Willamette University, as well as theater in San Francisco, at the American Conservatory Theater, and the Dell Arte School, also in California.

Friends of the Steilacoom Library sponsor these free events in partnership with the Steilacoom Historical Museum Association.

Don’t miss: From the Streets of Shakespeare to the Court of Elizabeth. Friday, November 8, 3 p.m. at the Steilacoom Historical Museum, 1801 Rainier Street.

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