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Lakewood Colonial Plaza – Something The Community Can Be Proud Of

Submitted by Ken Witkoe.

The city of Lakewood has come a long way since its incorporation in 1996. Most objective observers recognize the positive changes that are transforming our city into the envy of the south sound.

This past Saturday night exemplified that continued evolution.

With the grand opening and ribbon cutting of the Colonial Plaza, the citizens of Lakewood have yet another venue and gathering place that contributes to the overall health of a community. The strategic plan and vision of the city is to create “a thriving, urban, South Puget Sound City, possessing the core values of family, community, education, and economic prosperity.”

Part of that vision necessarily requires a vibrant downtown that embraces togetherness, experience of cultural joys, and pride in our city. This “festival street” strives to do that.

The leadership in the city, the community boards and community members who played a vital part of reviving the Colonial Plaza should be proud. I am sure there will be dissenters who may disagree with the effort, time and funds used to resurrect this area of our city, but I won’t be one of them. It may not be a panacea, but it is a very strong step in the correct direction.

Saturday night was a snapshot of the forward-thinking process of how our community can, and does, come together to give the individuals and families of Lakewood opportunity to enjoy some family-fun just minutes from home.

This is a short video of the Ribbon Cutting. There are many people that deserve recognition for their efforts in bringing the Colonial Plaza back to life. Some of them are in this video. Enjoy.

Congratulations, Lakewood! Let’s have some fun!

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