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Westside Story – Boyle Awarded Writer’s Prize

Based on the accumulated impact of the vast number of eclectic Westside Story articles published in The Suburban Times, since November of 2010, it was bound to happen.

I was just awarded the No-Bell prize, not to be confused with the Nobel Prize.

The Nobel Prize is awarded to deserving individuals by Swedish and Norwegian institutions in recognition of academic, cultural, or scientific advances.

Individuals can earn the No-Bell Prize not for being particularly deserving, but by merely documenting that they have no bell.

Once awarded the No-Bell Prize, recipients can have fun at coffee impressing their friends by telling them, they are No-Bell Prize winners. If John and Niki, the owners of Topside Coffee Cabin (TCC) in Steilacoom, find out that an actual No-Bell Prize winner is gracing the interior confines of their ever-popular public meeting place, I bet they give me free coffee.

I plan to continue publishing Westside Story columns so I can accumulate more and more recognition and more cowbell.

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