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Across the Fence: A FABulous Festival

Do you make the best of what your hometown has to offer? Are you even aware what’s on offer? While you are reading this, one of Lakewood’s most creative festivals is opening its doors again – a festival featuring fantastic fine arts, imaginative authors and their books, and movies that will shape your view of the world. Are you going to go there?

Lakewood author Susanne Bacon will sign and sell her books at the Lakewood Film, Art, and Book Festival this Saturday.

I have to admit, I knew of the Lakewood Film Festival when it was “just” that. I never went there during all the years I have been living here. Until last year. Because one of the organizers, Phil Raschke, invited me to a committee meeting. Long story short, I became one of the team and helped launch the very first “B” of the FAB Festival – the book festival part. It involved so many working hours I stopped counting. It almost cost me the live of a manuscript. It contained daily communication with the team and the participating authors, structuring the entire layout of the exhibiting tables (vendors and other exhibitors included), and an incredible amount of PR articles. By the time the festival came around, everybody reading The Suburban Times would have at least read one of those articles. So, this is the effort the organizers put in this year as well – and they are all volunteers!

A mind-blowing art exhibition will be a feast for your eyes.

The day the festival opened last year was a Friday – just like this year. And, of course, with many people just coming home from work, it started off slowly. But the atmosphere was so friendly and inspiring. There were musical artists playing the harp or the flute, too. Authors had enough time for networking as well – something never to be underestimated. The art exhibition held mind-blowing works of local painters, drawers, and photographers. And the movie program made me wistful that I was holding down a table, while such an eclectic selection was playing just next door. Or while famous musician Lee Oskar was actually performing on his harmonica. Did I enjoy my three days there? Oh yes, big time.

This year’s special guests will be author, broadcaster, and humorist Dorothy Wilhelm and watercolor artist Ron Snowden.

This year, I’ll also have a table, and you can meet me there on Saturday, September 14 from noon through six p.m. and chat with me, get signed copies of my books “Clean Cuts” and “Haunted Homes” (both Wycliff novels), and of “Home from Home”, my collection of articles I submitted to The Suburban Times in 2017 and 2018. Also, I have the honor (and supreme fun) to be an interview partner on famous Lakewood author and TV/radio show host Dorothy Wilhelm’s podcast “Swimming Upstream” (www.spreaker.com/show/swimming-upstream-radio-show) together with fellow author Joan Brown. The interview will be recorded in one of the FAB Festival’s conference rooms.

So, if you are into movies, the fine arts, or local authors, some of them awarded, check out the festival that’s right on your door step. It’s always worth checking out such an endeavor bringing together creative people and supporting your local volunteers. The Lakewood Film, Art, and Book Festival takes place at the McGavick Center of Clover Park College off Steilacoom Boulevard, September 13 through 15, beginning daily at noon. Admittance is free. So, don’t hesitate. There’s plenty of parking available, too. Come over, say hello, and enjoy an atmosphere of people loving the beautiful, imaginative things in life.

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