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Letter: DuPont City Council Meeting, July 9, 2019

Dear Pierce County Readers,

If you watch just one DuPont City Council Meeting in your life, watch July 9, 2019.

It is posted to PC TV, here: wa-piercecountytv.civicplus.com/91/City-of-DuPont

The first of several public comments starts at 38:20; there are two public comment segments during the meeting; watch both.

The video speaks volumes. No further explanation is needed.

After watching, ask yourself how you would feel if something similar happen to your child or loved one?

Mayor Michael Courts is currently up for re-election against two candidates. It will be interesting to watch the results.

I encourage everyone reading this to get and stay involved in your local municipal politics.

Do not forget to vote.

Respectfully submitted by:
Laurie Foster,
local DuPont resident since 2005

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