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Pierce County Council continues efforts to prioritize broadband infrastructure

The Pierce County Council reinforced its commitment to implementing broadband infrastructure and enhanced speed with the adoption of Resolution R2019-74. In this resolution, Council declares desired access speeds of one gigabyte per second in urban areas and 100 megabits per second in rural areas of Pierce County.

Additionally, the resolution states the Council’s desire to support the broadband effort by implementing the following actions within the next 90 days:

“The Digital Divide has grown so large that many of our residents have been left behind,” said Councilmember Derek Young. “To secure our economic future, the County must ensure everyone has access to high-speed broadband.”

The Council recognizes the need for broadband access in rural areas and that Pierce County must play a key role in planning, developing and implementing broadband in these areas.

The Broadband Access and Speed study, recently presented to the Council, makes recommendations on actions the County can undertake to improve broadband access in the community.

The study’s recommendations include advancing the County’s franchise process, updating County regulations to assist in the build?out of broadband infrastructure, and developing a plan to expand broadband technology into the lesser?served parts of the county. 

The Broadband Access and Speed study was commissioned by the Council and adopted as part of the Performance Audit Committee’s 2018 work program.

For more information on the Broadband Access and Speed study visit piercecountywa.gov/broadband.

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