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Westside Story – WOW

I know not if you noticed. I love playing with words. Word-play is mentally challenging, stimulating and just plain fun most of the the time.

Some times when my personal high-energy, and articulate, unpaid language arts consultant, Mary Hammond, reads what I right she is often able to point out when I am not using the wright word. What Mary fails to understand is for me any word can seem to be write. No matter what mistakes Mary so kindly spotlights in her effort to save me from literary disaster, I will continue to rite Westside Story for The Suburban Times.

There are other troublesome words such as past or passed. Proper use of our English language related to word search and word selection is a challenge for a 75-year-old guy, like me, especially as I limp through life having never attended kindergarten.

Other examples of my word-play observations include:

DAD spelled backward is DAD.

Moocaliets (pronounced moo-ca-lie-ts) spelled backward is Steilacoom.

And now for a brand new timely and meaningful wordplay.

Everyone probably knows MOM spelled backward spells MOM.

But, and here comes a genius word-play observation… MOM spelled backward and upside down spells WOW.

MOM & WOW… The two words fit well together. While it is easy to take for granted, when you think about it, any woman who becomes a MOM is an accomplished human being. It starts with the miracle of pregnancy followed by an eventful follow-up period lasting 18 years. When the 18 years is complete, most parents hope they end up with a brand new successful, self-reliant adult who never does any hard prison time.

When the baby grows into an independent adult, MOMISM is not over. MOM never stops being there for her children. My MOM was there for me until her last day.

Pause for a moment and think about how stunning it is for a woman to become a MOM. Sunday is Mother’s Day. If you are some MOM’s kid, do something pleasant and loving to honor or remember your MOM. Thank her for being your MOM.

Unmarried guys, if the lady in your life served as the mother of your child or children, be sure to recognize her for giving you the blessing of having someone who started out tiny and who is destined as he or she grows, to follow in your footsteps of life.

Let’s not take motherhood for granted.

Happy Mother’s Day to my MOM, Phyllis Boyle, who during her 93 years earned the words, MOM and WOW many times over!

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