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Foil the Blister-packs and Get Relief

My wife had a cold . . . so of course I had cold. She recommended Mucinex to relieve chest congestion. As a man I ignored her advice for years and then finally sought help from a blister-pack. Mucinex is an expectorant . . . with the blister-pack I expect to rant. And I do! 

Actually, I bought a generic version. In trying to push one of the huge pills through the blister-pack my shoulder popped with the effort. I howled in anguish, or would have if I hadn’t stopped to cough and blow my nose first. Then I used scissors and chef’s knife to cut open the blister-pack to extract 12-hour relief. A few days later I remarked to friends about the hard-time I was having with the blister-pack and two friends chimed in with complaints and similar stories.

These are the tools you need: a knife, a large slot screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver and an empty pill bottle.

I did some research . . . pharmaceutical companies are making the blister-packs harder to open due to illegal drug use. I’m going to pass along simple instructions to help fellow sufferers. Depending upon the size of your pills, these are the tools your will need: a knife, a large slot screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver and an empty pill bottle.

You need the empty pill bottle because you need to extract a number of pills at one time. You do not want to find yourself unable to breathe or in major pain in the middle of the night and find a thin sheet of foil is separating you from relief while you stand there helplessly unable to pop the pill.

The knife is used to cut along sides the pill. Then using the Phillips screwdriver for small round pills, or a slot screwdriver for large rectangular pills you push the pill out and through the foil membrane. Put the pills in the bottle and label it. 

We ran out of generic Mucinex so, Peg went to Walgreens and returned with the real deal. I tried the blister-pack out and then stood there with my mouth open and a Mucinex tablet in the palm of my hand. If you buy Mucinex you’re safe, but if you buy generic you might have to work for the relief.

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