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Are Cap Peterson and Bill Murphy of Clover Park, Rick Austin of Lakes their high schools’ only Major League Baseball players?

Submitted by Tim Marsh, Lakes High School Class of 1966

In this posting about Cap Peterson and Bill Murphy, Clover Park High grads, and Rick Austin, Lakes High grad, I was tempted to declare them the “only” Major League Baseball/MLB players from their respective high schools. Are they? 

While my research seems to indicate that’s the case, perhaps you have information which proves otherwise. If so, I want to hear from you. Scroll down and please comment in “Leave a Reply.”

To clarify, this posting is about grads of Clover Park and Lakes who played for Major League Baseball teams. That’s different than posting about grads of the two high schools who signed contracts with Major League Baseball/MLB teams and played in the minor leagues. Playing in the minors is a major accomplishment, but it’s not the focus of this posting.

Cap, Bill and Rick played minor league ball and all three made it to Major League Baseball.

The Baseball Cube/TBC website has data about baseball players and teams. According to TBC:

–for Clover Park, those who played MLB are Cap Peterson (Class of 1960) and Bill Murphy (Class of 1962).

Former CP players listed by TBC who played in the minors are Mason Elvrom, Justin Holmes, Joseph Keller, Jackie Kellogg, Adam Manley and Phil Westendorf.

However, Randy Peterson (Cap’s brother) and Duane Rossman, should also be in the TCB Clover Park listing for playing minor league ball, too.

–for Lakes, Rick Austin (Class of 1965) played MLB.

Former Lakes players listed who played in the minors are Harold Adams, Wayne Anderson, Harrison Bragg, Nick Cebula, Ryan Davis, Eric Garrett, D. J. Gee and Michael Wholey.

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