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Create a Scientist for Only $2.45!

Can you really make a scientist for $2.45, or less? – Yes, says Dennis Flannigan. So please join him for lunch, Tuesday, May 1, 2018, noon-1:30pm, at the Tacoma Szechuan Restaurant, 9601 South Tacoma Way, Lakewood. Your donation will send Dick Dorsett back to Southeast Asia and help him inspire more students. He leaves May 7th with 400 more Foldscope microscopes. He has lined up schools in three countries, with more in the works. He travels on a shoestring – stays at hostels, rides buses, and eats like a local. He’ll tell you far more after everyone eats.

Food, interesting people, and creating scientists for $2.45 each!

Dick Dorsett’s travel to southeast Asia in December and January was serialized in The Suburban Times. Seating at Tacoma Szechuan is limited to fifty people. The fee will be $50 per person, which will give each diner their own Foldscope, a free certificate from Tacoma Szechuan and will provide Foldscopes to a dozen aspiring scientists. For complete details visit – www.lowtechscience.com/Lunch.html. The menu is not set, yet at Tacoma Szechuan, but the food will be tasty and colorful. Food, interesting people, and creating scientists for $2.45 each!

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