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Tacoma Executives Association’s 100th Birthday Gala

What a nice evening of fun. Over two hundred people gathered at the Seaport Museum for dinner, dance, and lots of laughter. We loved the newly renovated Foss Waterway Seaport Museum on Dock Street with its walls of glass.

We loved the newly renovated Foss Waterway Seaport Museum on Dock Street with its walls of glass.

I resigned from the Tacoma Executives Association about sixteen months ago. I thought I would re-new my membership within a few months. Most of our video production work involves only short on-location shooting, however our latest work at Joint Base Lewis-McChord looked like it would take several months to record presentations on new system installations at the new Waste Water Treatment Plant between DuPont and Steilacoom. This meant I would miss as many as thirty meetings. We are still waiting for the work to be finalized. Go ahead and ask us anything you want to know about pumps.

My buddy Dave Schmitz of City Glass and Upholstery recommended that I join Tacoma Executives Association in 2010. I joined and it was a wonderful fit. The Tacoma Executives Association was founded in 1917. It is part of the “Executives Association Movement” with associate offices in over 120 major cities and six foreign countries. The Tacoma Executives Association is composed of leading non-competing businesses in the Tacoma-Pierce County area, each represented by a key executive. What I love about Tacoma Execs is that members have an opportunity each week to share the latest news about their businesses. The idea is that by sharing information on what you do, fellow members can more easily recommend your company for services. Each week there is a program focused on business applications and/or marketing. tacomaexec.com/

Hugs, handshakes, and teasing were the order of the day.

It was fun table hopping. Hugs, handshakes, and teasing were the order of the day. Later I realized there were people I missed as I roamed and kidded my way around the tables. Each past president had to stand up and announce what year they were president. Many years ago my wife, Peggy told me, “You know you don’t need to be president of every organization you join.” I swore I wouldn’t run for the position of president at any organization, again. I got Peg’s permission to run at Tacoma Execs because being president at Tacoma Executives Association is a bit different. Our group has a management firm that does much of the work and you only have to serve for six months instead of a whole year. At the 100th Anniversary, past presidents were asked to stand and announce the year they were president. When it was my turn, I figured most people wouldn’t know if I was right or wrong, so I just guessed.

My favorite meetings were those where members drew names of fellow members out of a hat and then had to give a short sales presentation for that company. Quite often there was humor involved, but mostly it was interesting to see what details people retain about your business. Each week members have the opportunity to share information and thank fellow members for referrals. Trusting others to sell your services is a great way to do business.

We were happy to toast Bob and Judy Larson and fellow members of the Tacoma Executives Association celebrating one hundred years.

I didn’t abandon my connections to the organization. I’m also a member of the Rotary Club of Tacoma #8. There are numerous Rotarians in Tacoma Execs. In addition, we still do work for fellow members and recommend them as well. As soon as I received news about the 100th anniversary event, I entered the information in my journal, but had not updated information with my wife and partner about attending. Bob Larson is a Facebook friend. We discuss many things on-line. Our beliefs differ, but we respect each other. Bob is our plumber. It’s good to have a friend who is a plumber. We recently had some plumbing work done and Bob invited us to join him as guests of Bob Larson Plumbing for the 100th Anniversary. He mentioned he got extra points for having three past presidents at his table.

Peg and I had a marvelous evening with old friends . . . and meeting new people as well. We were happy to toast Bob and Judy Larson as well as friends and fellow members of the Tacoma Executives Association to celebrate the one hundredth anniversary.

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