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Letter: Congressman Norm Dicks’ True Colors

I attended last evening’s Town Hall meeting with 800 (standing-room only) of my newest best friends! The parade of signs before and after the meeting, complete with cheers pro and con, provided a political equivalent of a Bremerton Cirque de Soleil for the Congressman from 6th District and his passionately well-informed constituents on both sides of the Health Care Reform debate.

What a wonderful 90 minute civil exchange thru Q & A, following Norm’s 10 minute introductory PowerPoint. Those who were “too busy” for such spectacle, in my opinion, missed the opportunity of the season to observe and participate in grass roots politics at its best.

Norm’s most telling moments:

Perhaps 6th District voters were encouraging their Congressman of 33 years to go OR lead by example!

Robert G. Cleaveland
University Place

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