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Dan Livingston has been ‘Caught in the Act…’

Dan Livingston has been 'Caught in the Act of Keeping Lakewood's Promise' for April 2009.

Dan Livingston has been 'Caught in the Act of Keeping Lakewood's Promise' for April 2009.

Lakewood’s Community Collaboration, made up of over 100 human service organizations, service groups, businesses, individuals and public entities, each month presents a “Caught in the Act of Keeping Lakewood’s Promise” Award to an individual or organization that has quietly performed an outstanding deed or deeds for one or more children and families in the City of Lakewood.

The April 2009 recipient is Dan Livingston, recognized for his dedicated work with the youth of Lakewood and Tillicum for the last 8 years.

Dan, whom colleagues describe as an extremely hard worker and a very passionate dreamer, has a talent for turning his dreams into reality. Dan has a special passion for the Tillicum community, seeking to be a part of change from the inside out. To help make this happen, Dan and his family recently moved from Oakbrook to a home just around the corner from Tillicum Elementary.

Dan is adept at connecting business, church and community leaders with children and families in need. He has used this skill to mastermind and secure funding for the renovation of the former trouble spot, Sid’s Tavern, into a multi-million dollar youth drop-in center for Tillicum. Along the way, Dan and friends managed to purchase several duplexes directly behind the old tavern turning them into the Lakewood office of Youth For Christ and home to four young adults whose dream is to see Tillicum thrive – by becoming a part of the change from the inside out.

Dan is married, the father of two little girls and serves on the Communities In Schools of Lakewood Board of Directors, is a member of Lakewood Rotary, and takes part in Tillicum Neighborhood Association meetings. He helped plan the Lakewood Community Summit and is always ready to share his talent for event planning and his technological expertise when asked. Lakewood and Tillicum, in particular, are fortunate to have Dan “in the neighborhood.”

Therefore, Dan Livingston is today recognized by Lakewood’s Community Collaboration. He receives the traveling Red Wagon, symbolic of pulling his weight to help the youth of Lakewood, and a plaque of appreciation from the City of Lakewood and the partners of Lakewood’s Promise.

The mission of Lakewood’s Promise is to mobilize people from every sector of life to build the character and competence of our youth by providing these Promises:

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