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The Truth behind N.O.N.

The Suburban Times continues its support of future journalists by publishing four of their articles from the soon-to-be-published April 1 issue of the Hook, the Pioneer Middle School’s newspaper.

Student reporters in Kristina Sullivan’s Skills Class at Pioneer learn the basics of news reporting during the quarter, and then eagerly await seeing their story “in print”. The Hook began publication in 2008 and continues through the present, as a way to keep parents and students in the know about what’s happening at their School.

By Alexander the Great

You might think Night of the Notables is just some boring project that 6th graders have to do, but there’s more to N.O.N than you may know. It’s both a research and an evening event where 6th graders show who their Notables are, what’s important about them, and all the research done about him or her.

NON is not the only history celebration in the school. There are different projects for different grades. Sixth grade, as most people know, do N.O.N, or Night of the Notables, 7th grade puts on a Night at the Museum, and 8th celebrates National History Day.

N.O.N was believed to have begun in Australia, and when Ms. Stewart, a sixth grade language arts and social studies teacher, came to Pioneer, she started Night of the Notables.

Pioneer has been holding Night of the Notables for 14 years. This year’s event will be held at 5:45 p.m. on March 27 in the school’s gym. This event will be free, so don’t worry about paying anything.

“The best part,” says Ms. Stewart, “is when the kids get excited about the project. The most fun part is when the kids come to school dressed up and represent their notable.” N.O.N is a very interesting project for every 6th grader to try.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy Night of the Notables, and when you are there, come and see me, Alexander the Great, in the flesh at Night of the Notables! I’m over 2,000 years old!

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