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Christmas wish granted

IPods, CDs, DVDs…etc.

With all kinds of hi tech gizmos and gadgets available–why would anyone want something so out-of-date as a phonograph?

Well, according to an Elf who doubles as the advisor for the school‚Äôs leadership program and behind-the-scenes coordinator of Pioneer Middle School‚Äôs third annual Grant a Wish Holiday Program, the Wish was made so the requestor could listen to some old-time records–you know–from the 60s!

The Elf said that, after the girl’s grandma passed away, she inherited her grandmother’s record collection.

The Elf also asked for help in locating such an item, and through diligence and persistence, an old time phonograph was located!

So…a happy ending is in store for one young girl who will be able to rekindle happy memories of her grandma by listening to some good, old time music throughout the holiday season and for months to come.

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