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Letter: Gambling

I have never been against gambling in the past. I thought casinos for Native Americans was a great idea. Now, I am living in a nice town that is quickly getting overrun by gambling joints. I was glad to see the strip joints with drug dealers closed down. We got rid of one problem and got another one. The problem with all the gambling joints is this: businesses are not moving into Lakewood because of a very poor school district. So to fix this problem, the city is bringing in gambling. If the schools were good, we would have a lot of big businesses moving in with property taxes, payrolls, and money. If you were moving your business to the northwest, where would you want to set up? Lakewood or Spokane? Lakewood or Black Diamond? Lakewood or Issaquah? What do they have that we don’t have? Great schools. People want to live where their kids are going to get the best education possible. With the country’s economy in the toilet, it is really important that our kids are well educated. What kind of people are moving into Lakewood, and out of Lakewood, that want their kids to go to our schools? Think about it. In the future, our kids need to be a lot smarter than us. What do you think will happen to all the adults now if social security goes down the drain? Yeah, I know, everyone says it will never happen. They also said there couldn’t be another serious depression. We came pretty darn close to one if you ask me. What do you want Lakewood to look like in 10 years? 20 years from now? Just think about it.

Karen Lebeter


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