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Lakewood City Manager Weekly Report (July 11, 2008)

Highlights from the weekly report (July 11, 2008) from City of Lakewood Manager, Andrew Neiditz to the Mayor and Council Members:

  1. Vehicle Prowl Interrupted: At 0022 Hrs. Patrol responded to a vehicle prowl in progress one night this week at 12:22am where it had been interrupted by neighbors who had chased the suspect into thick brush next to the Seeley Lake Apts. Containment was quickly established, which pinned the suspect down. K-931 initiated his track and the suspect was located within minutes. The suspect was booked for Theft 2nd and Vehicle Prowl 2nd degree.
  2. Assault response: A fight that started at American Lake North Park spilled over to the convenience store, with two groups squaring off. One of the groups pulled out a baseball bat, which was promptly taken away by the others and used to smash windows out of their car. They then fled in their windowless ride, but the other group then clashed with the store clerk and a customer. A customer, after being charged at by a guy with a baseball bat, pulled his legally concealed .380 and pointed it at them. A display in the store was shattered by the bat which was thrown. Three were in custody on various charges.
  3. Felony Elude/DUI Arrest: An officer was traveling N/B on I-5 just passing the 84th St. Exit when a vehicle passed them at a high rate of speed and was swerving in and out of its lane of travel almost sideswiping other vehicles on the freeway. After a short 1-2 minutes of failing to yield, the vehicle finally pulled over at the 38th St. exit. The driver was taken into custody and he was adamant that he didn’t see or hear the patrol car behind him and that he was “distracted” by the fireworks. The driver was processed for DUI and the BAC results were .161 and .148. The suspect was booked into the Pierce County Jail.
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