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Mad Science Day Camps

Lakewood Parks and Recreation is offering the following Mad Science Summer Day Camps:

NASA: Journey into Outer Space

From Earth’s atmosphere to the outer reaches of the solar system, this hands-on program sends campers on a quest for exploration! Comets, planets, stars and more are all waiting to be discovered. Learn about the four forces of flight, the challenges of space travel an participate in a rocket launch!

Secret Agent Lab

Become a Crime Scene Investigator in our action-packed secret agent camp! Step into the shoes of a detective and uncover the science involved in evidence gathering and analysis. Figure out the science of forensics in this hands-on look at crime scenes. From decoding messages to metal detectors and night vision, campers will solve a crime using the science of sleuthing.

Pre-registration is required. Call Lakewood Parks & Recreation at 253-589-2489.

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