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Lakewood Fire levy on August 19 ballot

The Lakewood Fire District 2 Board of Commissioners voted May 12, 2008 to place a two-year special levy request for the 2009 and 2010 fiscal years on the August 19th primary election ballot. This two-year request for $11,275,000 replaces the 2007-2008 levy and will be collected over a two-year period. The dollar per thousand rate will be approximately $0.87 per $1,000 of assessed value which is a $0.10 reduction from the 2007-2008 levy rate. This special levy amount represents 25% of the district’s operating budget and supports approximately 32 personnel. The total dollar amount collected from this levy is $10,000 less than the previous two-year request.

Lakewood Fire District 2 staffs five fire stations throughout the district on a 24 hour a day basis; 365 days a year. At all times there are five fully staffed fire engines, one ladder truck, two paramedic units and one Battalion Chief. The district provides fire suppression, emergency medical response and transport, special rescue, fire code enforcement and a wide range of fire and injury prevention classes in Lakewood schools and other public forums.

Lakewood Fire District 2 has requested and received the public’s support of the special levy for the past 34 years. If you have questions regarding this two-year special levy request please contact Chief Ken Sharp at 253-983-4541 or Finance Director Koree Baker at 253-983-4549.

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