Healthy Buzz in UP

Healthy Buzz-Dr Stewart office_edited-1

In addition to bi-weekly networking meetings, there are also open house events such as this one at the dental office of Dr. Jeffrey Stewart (shown on the far right).

Networking is a valuable way to connect business-to-business whether you’re an architect, dentist, caterer, chiropractor,  graphic designer, handyman, electrician, insurance agent, real estate mogul, or other entrepreneur.  On Saturday, August 14, the Healthy Buzz networking group will be buzzing at Bridgeport Place, 5250 Bridgeport Way West, in University Place.  Meetings are only every other Saturday (not weekly) at 8:30 a.m. and were formerly held at The Greener Bean, in Fircrest, but outgrew the space.  University Place resident Kia Hanson is the owner of the Healthy Buzz.  The bright yellow newsletters have become familiar around Tacoma. Recently, an edition has been launched featuring Lakewood and University Place businesses.  The networking events include an opportunity for each person to speak briefly about their business and to share business cards, brochures, samples, etc.  It is a meaningful way to build the relationships that are at the heart of successful business endeavors today.

Daffodil thief

Wednesday afternoon a little before 3:00, a friend and I were driving back to work westbound on Cirque Drive about 1,000 feet beyond the roundabout at Alameda and Cirque Drive. There stood a well dressed man in business attire on the north side of the street where the public planting of the daffodils is fully in radiant bloom. He was waiting to cross the street back to his late model Volvo parked on the south side of Cirque Drive. We noticed that he was standing there with his right arm behind his back as he was waiting for an opening in traffic to get safely back across the street. As we passed him by, we could see that he was clutching a massive bouquet of daffodils that he had obviously picked and was attempting to conceal behind his back.

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