Postma chooses campaign HQ

Retired Rocket Engineer and Air Force Captain, Political Activist and Republican Candidate for the 9th Congressional District here in Pierce County, Jim Postma, is opening his new headquarters (The Parkland Centre, 13829 Pacific Ave. S., Parkland, WA 98444) for his campaign at a Kickoff in Parkland, February 25th (Thursday) at 7:00 PM.
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Brian Wurts to run for State House

Brian Wurts has announced his candidacy for the House of Representatives in Position #2 in the 28th district. He will run as a Republican. From Brian’s letter of announcement:

I am running because the common citizen needs a common sense voice in Olympia. Each session we hear the same thing about our budget which has proven to be unsustainable. Laws and administrative policies that hurt the taxpayers and businesses are passed with no regard for the negative outcomes.

I will be running as a candidate that has hit his head against the wall too long in Olympia and bring real reform. I will be running as a candidate who understands the State must stop stepping on the oxygen tube that feeds our small businesses which feed our State economy. We must be a State importer of jobs that create revenue, not the other way around. The State cannot take anymore from us; our government must become much smaller and focus on the priorities of State government. We cannot allow people who have every ability to work to sit at home and collect a check from the State which is pulled right out of our pockets. We cannot afford it and we should not pay for it. Our vulnerable population who cannot work must be protected and the dollars saved should make sure we have a real safety net for those who truly need it. [Read more…]