Hildebrandt, Kraft have been ‘Caught in the Act…’


cita-march-2009 The March 2009 recipients are Pat Hildebrandt and Margaret Kraft for their hard work and remarkable commitment to serving the children and families at the Springbrook Saturday Mobile Food Bank.

From the very beginning of the Spring 2006 planning to address the problem of hunger in Lakewood, Margaret Kraft and Pat Hildebrandt have been on the ad hoc Hunger Task Force of the Lakewood Community Collaboration. Once planning was complete, they mobilized for action. Rain or shine, snow, sleet or sun, Pat and Margaret have spent approximately five hours each Saturday morning for nearly three years handing out food, clothing, encouragement, compassion and love to people who otherwise would be hungry in Springbrook. From a few dozen the first weekend, to a steady stream numbering in the hundreds, at four different sites, the hungry people are there and so are the two ladies who serve them. “Their dedication and commitment have kept me going at times,” says Suzanne Tate, food bank coordinator from the Food Connection, marveling at their ability to recruit volunteers from among their friends at United Methodist and St. John Bosco faith communities, and their knack for coming up with extra resources to serve those with special needs, like basics for the homeless, cosmetics for the ladies or school supplies for the kids. The clients offer a steady stream of “Thank you ladies; you really care!”

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