CPTC: James Johnson receives posthumous honorary degree


When Fall Quarter 2013 started, the first quarter students of the Computer Networking & Information Security Systems Program at CPTC mostly kept to themselves.

It didn’t take long for the cohort to become a tight-knight group, almost like family. The class took group lunch breaks at Denny’s, and hung out after eight hours of class together. [Read more…]

CPTC: Military Appreciation Month


When Andrew Lander separated from the Army after five years of service, he found himself missing the camaraderie he felt amongst his soldiers.

Lander enrolled at Clover Park Technical College, where VA registration clerk Glenda Epps helped him navigate his military benefits and directed him to the Veterans Resource Center on campus. He found mentors in former Veteran Navigator Jonathan Wagner, current navigator Shawn Durnen and a community of other student veterans. [Read more…]

West Pierce Fire & Rescue Teaches High School Students about Drinking and Driving

West Pierce Fire & Rescue logo

Lakewood – The twisted metal of two broken vehicles lay strewn over the roadway. The chaos and horror of tragedy is punctuated by screams of pain and desperation. It’s a grisly and gory scene that worsens as the emergency crews discover those involved in this crash are students from Lakes High School on their way home from a the Prom. The odor of alcohol is evident; empty beer cans lie on the ground beside their crushed car. The driver begs, desperately, for forgiveness as he is blamed for killing their good friend. Alcohol, lack of a seatbelt, inexperience and high speed add up to one person critically injured, one dead, one arrested, and many lives changed forever. [Read more…]

Bates: Mastering shears and shaves, Davis makes the cut


Shortly after he graduated from high school in 2001, Jerohl Davis pursued a career in construction. Though it paid well, Jerohl said it was hard to keep busy year-round. “I had to work in the elements: rain, hail, sleet, snow. When I thought of the barbers I knew, they were all real cool guys who carried a certain swagger. They stayed dry all day, with work year-round,” he said. [Read more…]