CPTC: Student wins On ‘Wheel of Fortune’


Charles McDonald has watched game shows like Wheel of Fortune since he was a child.

“I look at the puzzle and solve it immediately, before the contestants do,” he said.

The Computer Information Technology student at Clover Park Technical College had the opportunity to showcase his talent of solving word puzzles as a contestant on an episode of the game show, which aired Oct. 14. [Read more...]

TNT: Fircrest councilwoman undaunted as youngest council member in Pierce County

“Shannon Reynolds celebrated her 21st birthday differently than most of her college-age peers would.

“Instead of going out to dinner and ordering a beverage to mark the milestone of turning the legal drinking age, she was up front in the Fircrest City Council chambers learning about the city’s 2015 preliminary budget.”

Read the rest of Bryan Grimley’s story in The News Tribune.

Read more here: http://www.thenewstribune.com/2014/10/06/3418061_fircrest-councilwoman-undaunted.html?sp=/99/289/&rh=1#storylin

CPTC: Getting to know our ASG President


Katie Stock prides herself in two things: her handshakes and her hugs.

“I want people to know I think they’re important,” she said.

The second week of Fall Quarter at Clover Park Technical College was a busy one for Stock, who is settling in as Associated Student Government president, taking classes in the Architectural Engineering Design Program and also interning part-time with a mechanical engineering firm. When all is said and done, Stock is putting in about 60-hour work weeks. [Read more...]

CPTC: Cosmetology students surprised with scholarships


Misty Winesberry and Mila Golovenko thought Oct. 1 was just a normal day at Clover Park Technical College.

The Cosmetology Program students were ushered into a classroom for what they were told was an impromptu hair-color lesson. Winesberry and Golovenko were both surprised when Matrix representatives entered the classroom with balloons, roses and checks made out to each student for $1,000 for the Matrix Imagine All You Can Be Scholarship. [Read more...]

Lakes’ Magalei recognize for outstanding athletic performance

Lakes quarterback Jaiave Magalei in the September 12 game against Franklin Pierce.


Lakes quarterback Jaiave Magalei in the September 12 game against Franklin Pierce.

Lakes quarterback Jaiave Magalei in the September 12 game against Franklin Pierce.

Jaiave Magalei, a Lakes High School junior was named Player of the Week by the Washington Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA) for exhibiting an outstanding performance. Additionally, he was voted the All-USA Western Washington High School Performer of the Week. 

Westside Story – Drug Babies

Actual scene from Joe Boyle’s creative work environment during interview of local author, Shirlee Eskew Dashow, with her new book, Coke-Cry Revisited.

Readers, today was a fun day starting with a coffee meeting with local author Shirlee Eskew Dashow who has published her first book, Coke-Cry Revisited.

Coke-Cry Revisited. Titles fascinate me. I play with titles as I create my articles. I continually search for just the right words. I want my titles to be on target, say a lot in a few words and to capture the attention of my readers with the hope they will want to see the photos and read the entire article. [Read more...]