CPTC: Health Unit Coordinator student wants to give back


Jeanee Henson was just 7 years old when the seizures started.

She had her first surgery to remove part of her brain when she was 10. It didn’t help.

The initial diagnosis was epilepsy, followed by Rasmussen’s Syndrome, a rare inflammatory neurological disease that causes one hemisphere of the brain to become inflamed and deteriorate. Henson was a young pre-teen when she had a second surgery to remove the right side of her brain. [Read more…]

The Grand Cinema hires new assistant executive directors

Tacoma, WA – Several months ago we started our search to fill the newly created position of Assistant Executive Director for The Grand Cinema’s full-time staff team. Our applicant pool offered many exceptional candidates, and the skills of our top two runners were so impressive and distinct that we decided to hire them both – two is better than one, right? [Read more…]

Meet Leesa Thomas, professor of early childhood education

Leesa_webLeesa Thomas, professor of early childhood education, is approaching her second year of teaching at Pierce College. She is passionate about training the next generation of teachers and keeping them up to date with current changes within the field. For Thomas, her biggest goal as a teacher is to help her students truly understand that learning extends far beyond classroom walls. [Read more…]

Meet Daniel Suh, professor of sociology

Daniel Suh webDaniel Suh, professor of sociology, is now in his second year teaching here at Pierce College. Suh makes it his mission to bring the real world into the classroom to help his students truly connect to the material they are studying.

He teaches introductory sociology classes, as well as courses in social problems, marriage and family, race and ethnicity and more. Suh earned his bachelor’s degree and Ph.D. from University of California Riverside, and received his master’s degree from California State Fullerton. [Read more…]