CPTC: Teaching excellence by a nationally recognized instructor


In a series of articles over the coming months we will explore the meaning of teaching excellence and how it is personified at Clover Park Technical College.

Maureen Sparks’ career as a pharmacy technician started at Clover Park Technical College. Soon after completing the Pharmacy Technician Program Sparks returned to CPTC as an instructor, where she has been for nearly 19 years. Sparks is also a certified sterile compounding technician. [Read more...]

Around the Sound: Islanders rally to save ill eagle

As told to Nancy Covert

This past Friday night Anderson Islander, Jeanne McGoldrick, phoned some neighbors to report that her young grandson, Andrew, spotted an injured eagle on the beach (the kids love to swing on the Stephensons’ swing down there). The eagle could not fly, and seemed hungry. Dave McGoldrick brought down some salmon for the eagle, who I will call “him”, but it could be a “her.” [Read more...]

Lemming pitches for gold

JJ Lemming
JJ Lemming

JJ Lemming pitching at Steamboat Springs World Series (photo courtesy of Sara Lemming)

J. J. Lemming started back to 8th grade at Pioneer Middle School this past week, and the Steilacoom teenager had a cool story to share with his classmates.

His “how he spent his summer” story likely included a recap about taking part in the 19th annual Triple Crown Baseball World Series in Steamboat Springs, CO. His “Dream Team,” comprised of guys from Lacey and one lone Steilacoomite, was one 0f 29 other teams that participated this year. [Read more...]

CPTC: Dental student prepares to be on top of different game


When Grace Beardemphl attended Highline Community College to play basketball, she wasn’t sure what her future looked like once her athletic career ended.

She finished the two-year program with an Associate Degree, but didn’t know what she wanted to do next. Beardemphl’s sister suggested she shadow her on the job as a dental hygienist. [Read more...]