Letter: The three ‘F’s’ as opposed to the three ‘R’s’


Fluff, frills and froth are a more apt description of what is ostensibly touted as benefiting education – much less professional development – at the National School Board Association (NSBA) annual conferences.

Certainly so in light of the savings to be had, had the members of the Clover Park School District board just stayed home. [Read more…]

Letter: A mallard and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos


The faster the boat went, the faster the mallard duck flew.

I later learned we’d never have outrun this crazed-winged beast. Not so much because mallard ducks have been clocked at 50-60 mph and there was no way our aged six-horse outboard was going to come anywhere remotely close to that threshold, but because this creature was addicted to Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. [Read more…]

Letter: Has somebody seen my lost slot machine?

Description of missing item: Slant Top (attached stool) or maybe (with over 2,000 of ‘em it’s hard to remember) it was an Upright (no stool – player must stand while losing money). Credit meter (LED display) – the thing that keeps track of the payouts – only works intermittently. And the drop bucket – where excess coins are diverted from the hopper to the customer – had been disconnected (it was always a lark to see the payee scrambling about on the floor to retrieve his winnings before everybody else did). [Read more…]

Letter: Gambling with Lakewood’s future


Within sight of Lakewood City Hall there’s a bank with a sign on the door – both entering and exiting – that indicates you are “entering a no-surprise zone.” Given a number of factors, not the least of which is our struggling economy, imagine then the surprise to read that Lakewood’s number-crunchers are counting on residents gambling significantly more in the foreseeable future. [Read more…]