Letter: Garden Party

Photo by Christina Klas

Standing near the green beans that tower over her and her little sister, McKenzie said she wants to be a teacher “to help other people learn.”

Her little sister Gracie meanwhile has more immediate interests – eating her cereal with blueberries from the garden.

“The Garden” is where the TREE “edible education” program involves a number of local children on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 11 A.M. to 2 P.M. behind the Community Center in Tillicum. [Read more...]

Letter: Little Lending Library in town


By Bonnie Magnuson

Little Free Library, which is library that individuals can build in any design they wish; place it on your property, pack it with an assortment of books and hope that it is visited, (not vandalized). The idea is, “…take a book – return a book.” It’s like a neighborhood book exchange to share the joy of reading. The mission is to promote literacy and the love of reading by building a free book exchange worldwide.

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Letter: University Place Police Levy-The Facts

By Howard Lee

Ms. Tainer’s blog UPtaxes.org posted an article in the August 5th Suburban Times which was titled “understand nuances of the UP ballot measure.” While the article covered taxes in general, as well as the Police Services Levy, it started with a mind numbing amount of data which could be used to reinforce any position concerning the Police Services Levy, depending on how the data was dissected. [Read more...]

Letter: The Truth Hurts

By Trish Stewart

In browsing the Suburban Times this weekend, I came across a letter attacking successful businesswoman and Republican candidate for State Representative in the 28th District, Monique Trudnowski.

The letter was clearly written by a supporter of perennial candidate Paul Wagemann, who Trudnowski is running against in the primary on Tuesday.

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Letter: ‘No Way, No How, Not Ever’

Paul Wagemann

The question at Lakewood United early Thursday morning, July 31, was whether the four candidates represented at the platform, and wanting to represent you in the State Legislature, would use negative campaigning – ‘hit pieces’ – reflecting poorly on their opponent rather than run a race based on their own merits.

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Letter: What The Heck Is That?

My wife planted a garden of vegetables – we think – but the jungle has not only taken root, it has taken over: the space available; the adjoining lawn; the bulkhead that separates the garden from the lake; and it has begun to obscure the view.

Our son-in-law swears he can see it grow (and grow and grow) while he’s watering it.

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Letter: Money Made from Smoke and Mirrors

Lakewood is compensated up to $24,875 for its smoke detectors, aka the Lakewood Police Department Community Service Officers (CSO) and one Code Enforcement Officer.

According to a Public Disclosure Requested (PDR) document – the September 27, 2012 contractual agreement between the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCAA) and the City of Lakewood – the City is reimbursed nearly $25,000 for the five members of Lakewood’s Burn Ban Patrol to observe, photograph, document and report those caught violating the air with smoke from chimneys, outdoor fires and even BBQ’s during burn bans. [Read more...]

Letter: A Vote For Experience and Common Sense

By John Simpson – Lakewood City Councilmember

The rain fell in buckets, and a man was pushing a car out of the right-of-way in front of the old Lakewood Mall. Behind the wheel was an elderly woman.

I stopped, got out and helped him push the vehicle a little further and into a parking spot.

Sopping wet, that is when Dick Muri and I first met.

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