Letter: Thank you 2015 Cherry Blossom Sponsors

Elizabeth Sierra-Arruffatt, Photographer

Two hundred ladies and gents attended the DuPont Historical Society’s 2015 Annual Cherry Blossom Tea and Vintage Fashion Show on Saturday, May 2 at Chloe Clark Elementary School. This year’s theme was Women in Action: A Hundred Years of Ladies’ Sports Fashions. The Fashion Show was written and produced by Nancy Barones with the Tacoma Goodwill Industries Olden Goldie Guild. Guild members modeled ladies’ sportswear fashions from the past century that were pulled from the Goodwill vintage fashion collection. Tables were decorated in athletic themes (past and present) by volunteers and table hosts. [Read more…]

Letter: An open letter to the Lakewood Police Department

Lt. Chris Lawler,

Per the link here – the Lakewood Police Department’s Press Release found on the city’s website and dated April 22 but as of this date, May 4, not seen in any media publication – “regarding the officer involved shooting (fatal) that occurred on 04-21-15 in the City of Lakewood,” there are indeed “a lot of questions and requests for additional information.” [Read more…]

Letter: It’s only about ethics if you get caught

splash in the water

April 30 was National Honesty Day. Not that it matters. Unsurprisingly, there is no presidential or congressional declaration honoring even 24 hours of truth-telling.

That being the sad truth, and in the spirit of Lois Lerner’s lost (and more now found) emails, here’s a short fish story – a true story as it turns out – of the one(s) that didn’t get away. [Read more…]

Letter: Where are our civic leaders?

Andie Gernon

I attended the Thursday vigil at the Lakewood Police Station in memory of Daniel Covarrubias, killed last week by two Lakewood Police officers at a lumber yard near Lakewood’s Park and Ride.

The small crowd, mostly fairly young and diverse, plus a few members of the victim’s family, listened to a few short speeches, and, carrying candles, marched to the scene of the homicide, to place a memorial there.

The crowd’s burning question was why hadn’t the officers been interviewed as of a full week after the shooting? Speakers pointed out that a civilian shooter would have immediately been arrested and interrogated, possibly at some length. [Read more…]

Letter: Bucky’s Flowers

By Mary La Tourelle

I smile every time I drive by Bucky’s on the corner of 100th and Lakeview Ave in Lakewood. They have planted beautiful flowers that brighten this spot and do a great job at caring for them so they look good all summer long. Today I called them to express my gratitude and learned that employee, Travis, is the responsible party. We need more people like Travis in our community!

Letter: It can be done, so why wasn’t it?

Dont shoot

Author – David Anderson

As we continue to await word from the results of the interview of Lakewood Police Department (LPD) officials with two of their officers who have been placed on administrative leave following the shooting death of Daniel Covarrubias this last Tuesday, April 21 – specifically as to whether or not the father of seven was armed at the time he was shot – should the public be holding its fire or is it legitimate to ask why the LPD did not withhold theirs? [Read more…]