Letter: Leaks (and Lotteries)

A crack in a roof and a leaky government in which your money is used in the latter case to plug holes – holes mostly imagined, many holes government-created – are similar in both the damage done and the costliness of repairs and that only if you can find, after repeated and frustrated attempts, the infernal source. [Read more...]

Letter: College readiness for middle school gamers

Here is a unique idea…. let’s use a popular game/pastime like Minecraft to promote college readiness. This is the thought of College Access Corps member Hannah Dominguez who is kicking off the College Bound Gamers program at the Lakewood Computer Clubhouse on Thursday.

Hannah is one of several AmeriCorps members scattered around the state who work with colleges to recruit their students to coach K-12 students and get them thinking about higher education. Sounds complicated? In reality it is a brilliant idea to promote volunteerism among college students while building partnerships with local school districts. The kids, of course, come out the winners. [Read more...]

Letter: Why we row

HOTL, 2012, picture 6

Because, quite simply, we’re not multitaskers.

In the days when service stations actually serviced customers by pumping their gas, I worked at one while attending college. Just not for very long – neither service station nor college. Too much going on at the same time for my simple mind to handle. [Read more...]

Letter: For those seeking public office

I do this every two years or so because I believe it is important – plus, the campaign signs littering the landscape inevitably reminds me. I also have a lot of fun gleaning email addresses from my voter’s guide to seek out and send these thoughts to the candidates that will represent the young people in Lakewood.

I want to remind you that even though they can’t vote, nor can they contribute financially to your campaign, young people do matter.

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Letter: What has happened to our favorite restaurant?

By Bev Bills

We have enjoyed occasional dinners or breakfasts at Denny’s in Lakewood (100th st.) for years! My husband likes the hotcakes and I like the waffles. There is a friendly, family ambiance that is welcoming. Last Saturday evening (August 29) we decided to visit for dinner and had a HORRIBLE evening…and will probably never go back there again!

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