Letter: Lakewood Spends Gambling Treatment Grant on Sea-doos

Part of Lakewood’s $55,503 grant to treat problem gamblers was used to buy one or more Sea-Doo’s to patrol Lake Steilacoom.

Public Disclosure Request (PDR) documents [(2012-2013) and (2013-2014)] recently obtained from the City of Lakewood reveal this and other less-than-admirable outcomes of a unanimous vote by the Lakewood City Council on August 6, 2012 to authorize the expenditure of $55K in federal grant money to treat problem gamblers. [Read more…]

Veterans Day Letter to My Fellow Americans

By Javier Figueroa, Mayor Pro Tem, City of University Place

First, please join me in remembering and honoring our warriors that have died and/or have been wounded in battle for our country. Second, let’s remember our brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers that are serving our nation to preserve freedom throughout the world. Finally, let’s remember and thank the families of our soldiers that have sacrificed so much while their love ones are serving the United States of American. [Read more…]

Letter: Don’t get burned this burn ban season


If you are the Deputy Mayor of Puyallup and your tenant conducts an illegal marijuana grow operation, are you liable? No.

If you receive a photo-enforcement notice of a traffic infraction in Lakewood and you, as the registered owner of the offending vehicle, allege you were not the driver, must you identify who was behind the wheel at the time of the photograph? No. [Read more…]

Letter: Leaks (and Lotteries)

A crack in a roof and a leaky government in which your money is used in the latter case to plug holes – holes mostly imagined, many holes government-created – are similar in both the damage done and the costliness of repairs and that only if you can find, after repeated and frustrated attempts, the infernal source. [Read more…]

Letter: College readiness for middle school gamers

Here is a unique idea…. let’s use a popular game/pastime like Minecraft to promote college readiness. This is the thought of College Access Corps member Hannah Dominguez who is kicking off the College Bound Gamers program at the Lakewood Computer Clubhouse on Thursday.

Hannah is one of several AmeriCorps members scattered around the state who work with colleges to recruit their students to coach K-12 students and get them thinking about higher education. Sounds complicated? In reality it is a brilliant idea to promote volunteerism among college students while building partnerships with local school districts. The kids, of course, come out the winners. [Read more…]