Letter: District does not understand their own demographics

By Paul Nimmo

I heard repeatedly over the past 7 years that my child was in elementary school, was that it was difficult to get parents to participate in after school events and meetings. Repeatedly, I replied that meetings and events in the afternoon do not allow working parents the time to get off work and participate. There has been little change. [Read more…]

Letter: Amused to find his name in The Suburban Times

By Ed Bernacki

I am amused by a letter that was published in your paper. I was searching on my name and discovered, Letter: ‘Because we can’ is not good enough, by David Anderson.

While I did say that many conferences are a waste of time, I did not mean all conferences are a waste of time. I spent a lot of effort to create strategies to make our conferences more effective and productive. [Read more…]

Letter: DuPont sidewalk code revised

By Michael Gorski, DuPont

The DuPont City Council passed a revision to DMC 14.01, the existing Sidewalk Construction and Maintenance code, by a vote of 4-2. What would strike casual observers to the published agenda as perfunctory and mundane turned out to be anything but mundane. That is probably because this issue of sidewalk maintenance has been conflated with the long standing issue regarding trees in Palisade Village.

That is understandable since the issue with overgrown trees and damaged sidewalks has been going on for a long time now, well over 10 years before I took my oath of office. Most would say too long, and the revision to the sidewalk code is the first step in a long and deliberate process to finally address what is happening in Palisade Village, and more importantly, prevent a similar occurrence from happening in all of the other neighborhoods in DuPont. The adopted changes are mindful to future needs of all villages in DuPont so that both City Hall and the citizen can act in a proactive manner. [Read more…]

Letter: Who do they serve? The public or the City?

By David Bungert, DuPont

The residents of Northwest Landing, a Quadrant Planned Community, have been plagued with tree issues creating sidewalk problems. The wrong trees were approved by the City of DuPont’s planning and permitting process. Quadrant then planted approved trees in the park strip. These trees have caused sidewalk failures to include; raised or depressed sidewalks, cracked and fractured sidewalks, and many other defects. These defects can cause a major liability for the City and the adjacent property owner. Many citizens during the past decade have asked, “Who owns the trees; who is responsible for the trees?” [Read more…]

Letter: A call for teen action

Dear Editor,

It is time to change the face of global poverty. As the UN prepares to release the new global development goals, it is critical that all people spread awareness of important world issues such as world hunger, human trafficking, and disability, all of which greatly impact the poor. As a 19 year old intern for a non-profit organization, I have learned much about victims of global poverty and the U.S. international aid budget. While most Americans believe at least 20% of aid is used towards helping the world’s poor, in reality this is only 1%. When I hear this statistic I wonder, do children and teens have any concept of what this means? I hardly knew anything when I began my internship in June. [Read more…]

Letter: Imagine that

Tillicum Crushers

National Night Out’s (NNO) baseball game between the Lakewood Baseball Club’s Pinto Division Champion Tillicum Crushers and their parents was so fun, so outstanding, and so incredibly important at so many levels.

If only somehow we could capture – and that is the intent here in writing this – the far-reaching difference a simple three-inning exhibition game can – and will – have for all of life for all concerned. [Read more…]

Letter: Foster Care Placement Crisis in Pierce County


By Erika Thompson

Pierce County has a desperate need for foster families. Each night there are children sitting in the Tacoma office waiting for placement. On Monday there were eight children, on Tuesday six children ranging from age 2-14 years still without a place to rest their head at 10 pm. [Read more…]