Letter: The Paperclip House

Fathers Day, 2012

I’ve a house-shaped paperclip holder on my desk. Turn it upside down and shake it and those funny bent wires that hold things together don’t quite escape the chimney at the top since there’s a magnet there that keeps them intact and close at hand.

On this 22nd day of April, the Swedish – my heritage – word for paper clip is “gem” a most appropriate description of my wife whose birthday is today.

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Letter: Penny’s on the Boulevard good food, prices

By Toni Aulerich

Have you had any homestyle cooking, in a restaurant, in the past few days? For me it is a meatloaf sandwich, something few people have tried. Penny’s on the Boulevard Restaurant and Bar has the best I have had since the last time I made a meatloaf that wasn’t scooped instead of sliced.

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Letter: Spring is Here


By Dorothy Wilhelm

WoodpeckerSpring is truly here. I was awakened by what sounded like hammering on metal this morning in front of my condo in DuPont, and found this symbol of hope and spring — Red Headed Woodpecker —determinedly pecking away at the metal no parking sign in front of my house. Guess the wooden pole didn’t taste right.

Letter: Shopping Carts Over Saving Lives

The top priority of the Lakewood Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC) is to “develop a shopping cart ordinance.”

That was the consensus by the Lakewood City Council at its meeting this past March 17 (click here, then again on April 7 and scroll to p.008) in an effort to provide direction for the PSAC which has been struggling lately in that regard.

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