Letter: A Vote For Experience and Common Sense

By John Simpson – Lakewood City Councilmember

The rain fell in buckets, and a man was pushing a car out of the right-of-way in front of the old Lakewood Mall. Behind the wheel was an elderly woman.

I stopped, got out and helped him push the vehicle a little further and into a parking spot.

Sopping wet, that is when Dick Muri and I first met.

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Letter: I Thought He Was Your Friend?

Loyalty or honesty – which quality best describes a friend? “I thought he was your friend?”

The question was asked of me by a reporter. I’d just retaken my seat following the allowed three minutes at the microphone in which I had chastised one of the city council for his attempt to override our community effort to honor one of our locals.

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Letter: Steilacoom Fireworks Committee says Thank You

By Danny Lopez, Chairman

What a great show and season.

I want to thank all of you who supported and participated in the 4th of July Fireworks program: This included and was not limited to design and sales of tee shirts and buttons (which commemorated our local school) , notification of events, meetings making decisions and carrying those out, contacting businesses for contributions, canvassing our neighborhoods, info sharing and selling of our T-shirts and buttons at the concerts and at Wednesday Markets, printing and dissemination of donation slips in the utility bills, at the town clean-up and shredding events, design and printing of a banner, walking in the parade, dissemination of the donation jars to local businesses, bookkeeping and treasurer duties, staffing the 4th of July booth, Marine & Spirits for the central dissemination of materials and products, the close affiliation and support by the Steilacoom Chamber of Commerce, and finally, the Town Staff support of this popular community endeavor. [Read more...]

Letter: Let’s Clear the Air


About Puget Sound Clean Air – On the day after July 4 when America celebrated with bombs bursting in air, I’m preparing my case to argue before the Pollution Control Hearings Board about chestnuts (actually hot-dogs) roasting on an open fire.

This past February 21 I received – at which time I first became aware – a Civil Penalty citation in the amount of $1,000 from the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCA) that we had “caused or allowed unlawful outdoor burning” during a burn ban at one of our rental properties shortly before Christmas two-months-and-two-weeks previously.

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Letter: Lakewood’s New Entrance

Lakewood Entrance

Lakewood looks to make good first impression with new entrance.” I’ve a suggestion.

And it not only meets the standards of the current one (of four) “recommended for council approval” – bold lettering, back-lit at night – but this – consider it a write-in vote – nomination for Lakewood’s new welcome mat exceeds the purpose and potential in several ways: visual impact; economic revitalization; underwritten construction costs and maintenance in perpetuity.

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Letter: 4th of July History

From A Proud United States of America Citizen

I thought it might be interesting for the readers of The Suburban Times to highlight the actual, documented history of the 4th of July and the Declaration of Independence.

Historian David Barton (http://www.wallbuilders.com) documents the people and events surrounding the Declaration of Independence. The quotes and documents noted in this article come from actual source materials (letters, writings, diaries, books, etc.) by the authors and signers of the Declaration itself. It is amazingly instructive to “hear” from our Founding Fathers what it meant at the time, 1776.

Unlike revisionist history, this is the actual history and origin of the United States of America. God Bless America!