Letter: Penny paranoia – a parable


Paranoid, fearing the notoriety of having in his possession a penny – for which he’d just plunked down $2,585,000 – would make him an instant target of thieves once he entered upon the street, he smiled and waved at the crowd and, as TV cameras rolled, he placed the highly-prized treasure, which was encased in its felt-lined box, into an outside pocket of his briefcase and pulled the leather strap through the buckle, all the while making much of the effort. [Read more…]

Letter: All Lost, Lives Saved, Time to Help

Fennell family picture

The smoke alarms screamed their warning throughout the Tillicum Baptist Church parsonage Monday, January 5th, and at 4 A.M. the family of Pastor Scott and Caressa Fennell were suddenly awakened to gather their bed clothes about them and rendezvous outside.

The fire destroyed the garage, the heat of the flames burning the tires down to the hubs, leaving the car frame a heat-twisted hulk, while black smoke and soot spread throughout the house. [Read more…]

Letter: Get (the) lost


I recently applied for a grant for 24 children in our community to play baseball this spring. Our goal is to field two teams this year to last year’s one. Twice as many uniforms; twice as many coaches; twice as much money; twice as many parents enjoying a season’s worth of heart-stopping action (as much as 1st through 4th graders can produce) and edge-of-their-seat excitement and the like, popcorn not included. [Read more…]

Letter: Outsourcing morality


Author – David Anderson

Experts in robot ethics are studying “how to equip robots with a set of moral rules.”

Robots have ethics?

No, not yet, but “computer scientists are teaming up with philosophers, psychologists, linguists, lawyers, theologians and human rights experts in the emerging field of robot morality to try to change that” according to an article by Robin Marantz Henigjan in the January 9, 2015 edition of the New York Times. [Read more…]

Letter: Street solutions

cracked pavement dollar sign

By John Arbeeny and David Anderson

In the spirit of the “Late Show with David Letterman” and the episode “Top Ten Rejected James Bond Gadgets;” and Jason Russell’s (Jan.7, 2015) commentary in the Washington Examiner entitled “What you could have done while waiting for Obama to decide on Keystone,” here are three solutions the Lakewood City Council might have considered to Save Our Streets (SOS). [Read more…]

Letter: Spin Cycle

Fixing Lakewood's roads

“Resources” in Lakewood have been “increased to preserve and maintain the City’s road system.”

A more accurate, transparent, rubber-meets-the-road type vernacular (‘ordinary speech as opposed to a foreign language’) would read: ‘you, Lakewood’s resident and Lakewood’s “resource,” will pay $20 more a year to renew your car tabs starting now (Happy New Year) to help pay for road construction projects.’ [Read more…]

Letter: Fireworks during a burn ban?

Do fireworks contribute to air pollution? Yes.

Are fireworks considered “outdoor burning” which is banned during a Stage One Burn Ban which has been called by the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCAA) this New Year’s Eve?

Given “the exceedance of fine particle pollution” acknowledged as commonly associated with, and attributed to, fireworks you would think so. [Read more…]