White Christmas?

A Lakewood Log holiday ad and editorial—December 11, 1942 (Lakewood Log loaned by Milt Davidson, Steilacoom):

By Charles Mann

Ad for Christmas items at Rederich’s 10 Cent Store, 5427 S. Tacoma Way

Paint books, story books, crayon books: 10 and 15 cents
Large assortment of paper dolls, 29 cents
Baby dolls—in wicker chairs, bassinettes, or high chairs: $1.49
Famous Houseman dolls: lifelike—from $2.79 to $3.59
Tree trimmings:
One dozen glass ornaments: 30, 40 cents
Chenille wreaths: 39, 49 cents
Tinted pinecones: 20 cents

White Christmas???

Don’t be silly! It will keep on raining and getting warmer and warmer, and roses will bloom instead.

Poor old Santa Claus finds this goofy old globe all shot to pieces, with practically every loving and generous human impulse stymied by utter lack of anything practical or fancy to buy in the Marts of Trade.

So, why not a new mop handle for Mother? A nice box of six corncob pipes for Father? Five pair of cheap cotton sox for Junior, and a new Trifle for the Deb. Daughter? Or a nice glass jar of toothpaste, with a drab canned Cherry-sized top?—tubes are out of style, you know

Our eccentric neighbor on Mud Lake is buying his missus a 100-pound bag of Navy beans in memory of Pearl Harbor, and his family will enjoy endless activity for several weeks after Christmas…

There is one serious item about Christmas that won’t seem right. Lakewood’s traditional Christmas Eve celebration has been called off. Mrs. Hormel and her staff (at the Lakewood Terrace Restaurant) cannot operate with one-third of the necessary help and two pounds of butter per day. The Terrace will operate ‘til New Year’s Day and then close for a long period, a month or more while things get on a more even keel.

This Winter into which we have slipped rapidly and fatalistically is, after all, more on the be-deviled, Rationed, Regulated and Squeezed Civilian American than for the millions of fighting men on the Front.

Americans won’t cry. They’ll keep on laughing if they feel their life, sacrifices and energies go for a purposeful, directed and vital and useful fight with a noble vitality as the end product.

So like Virginia wrote in these columns last Christmas, again we say, “Don’t do a Christmas Blackout.”

Happiness doesn’t cost a dime, you know.

Enjoy the holiday season at the Lakewood History Museum

This Saturday, December 6th, from 2-4 pm be sure to stop by the Museum at 6211 Mt Tacoma Dr SW for a Christmas cookie and cider while viewing our latest art exhibit from Shirley Petersen. You might also find the perfect gift for a local Lakewood history buff. Two books came out this year about our local history; Legendary Locals of Lakewood by the dynamic duo of Dunkelberger and Neary and American Lake Vignettes by local historian, Nancy Covert covering the communities of Lake City and Tillicum.

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Christmas at the ranch

Late one December afternoon about 40 years ago, we achieved our goal! We’d created Paradise in the front room of our central Washington ranch house. Not that we were actually ranchers. Far from it. We were simply newcomers to the rodeo-town community who’d purchased a ranch house on the northern edge of town.

Four months after we’d arrived in the prairie community we embarked on a trip to the National Forest to harvest a Christmas tree…the first one that hadn’t been bought from a commercial tree lot. Over the years we’d inaugurated the custom of purchasing the tree from a corner grocery store lot. But that winter we trekked to the mountains to harvest a tree.

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Reminder: Lakewood Historical Society annual meeting, Nov. 18

The Lakewood Historical Society annual meeting is scheduled for Tuesday night, Nov. 18th, at 7 pm at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church. Board members will be elected, volunteers will be recognized and programs on Washington State’s 125th Anniversary and Nancy Covert’s book American Lake Vignettes. Books will be available for sale. Wonderful refreshments offered. Free and open to the public.

Civil War historian signs books following talk



Photo by Nancy Covert

Historian Alan Archambault signs a copy of books about military uniforms during the Civil War. Archambault spoke on Sunday at Historic Ft. Steilacoom about the evolution of those uniforms for both the Union and the Confederacy.


Lakewood Historical Society Celebrates Washington State’s 125th Birthday


The Lakewood Historical Society will celebrate the State’s 125th birthday as well as the community of Lake City during their annual meeting on Tuesday, November 18th at 7 pm at St Mary’s Episcopal Church, 10630 Gravelly Lake Dr SW. Hear from the Nancy Covert, author of Lakewood’s latest history book, American Lake Vignettes. The program will follow a short business meeting covering the accomplishments of the Society in 2014, election of board members and honoring the outstanding volunteers of the year. Special refreshments offered. Free and open to the public. [Read more…]

Renovation of historic Pantages Theater completed


TACOMA, Wash. – Tacoma’s City-owned Pantages Theater has been presenting and hosting critically-acclaimed performances for nearly a century. This October, Korsmo Construction was hired by the Broadway Center to complete necessary, significant and complex renovations that will allow the historic theater to continue its longstanding contribution to Northwest performing arts. [Read more…]