Heritage Questions: Why am I feeling worried about this?

By Dee Haviland Fournier, Instructor, Heritage Quest Research Library and Dorothy Wilhelm, Humorist, Confused about her family

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Why am I feeling worried about this?

Dorothy: Why can’t I find my ancestor’s name? I feel as if this is starting to get more difficult.

Dee: Oh, no! You’re really enjoying yourself. You just don’t realize it.   Think of this as a mystery story and in a very real way, only you and your family have the key.

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Windermere Professional Partners Announces the Launch of ChambersBayHousing.com

UNIVERSITY PLACE –  Windermere Professional Partners Property Management (WPPPM) proudly announces the launch of ChambersBayHousing.com.  Since the USGA announced Chambers Bay as the site of the 2015 US Open Golf Championship, the University Place community has been buzzing about opportunities available for homeowners near the course to make their houses available for rent to visitors, media, sponsors, and perhaps even players.  Until now, a uniform, consistent source of options and information did not exist.  ChambersBayHousing.com changes that. [Read more...]

Heritage QUESTions: The Series continued

My Mom, Jessie Franco Conway, a few years after the swimming pool episode

By Dee Haviland Fournier, Instructor, Heritage Quest Research Library and Dorothy Wilhelm, Humorist, Confused about her family

My Mom, Jessie Franco Conway, a few years after the swimming pool episode

My Mom, Jessie Franco Conway, a few years after the swimming pool episode

Dorothy: My mother didn’t own a bathing suit in the hot August Days of 1928. Actually, at the age of twelve, she didn’t own much. What clothes she had were hand me downs or made by her mother out of printed flour sacks. A lot of people were in the same situation and like them she was pretty stoic, but on this day it was hot as only the Umpqua Valley of Oregon can be. She watched the throng of kids swimming in the river and she had to – she just HAD to – join them.

An idea formed in her mind. Her younger brother Peter had been swimming all morning. Surely he needed to come out. The girl who would be my mom tiptoed through the thick mud to the edge of the River. “Oh, Peter,” she called, “and when Pete climbed out of the water she begged him to lend her his suit. These were the days when men’s suits had complete tops much like women’s suits. She begged, and pleaded. “Only for five minutes. I’ll bring it right back.” Finally she was forced to fall back on a choice bit of sibling blackmail, “Well, otherwise, I’ll tell Mom . . . .” it was a simple question of filling in the blank. Finally Pete reluctantly handed over his suit. “Just five minutes,” he warned. Jessie put on the suit, promised fervently to come back – and disappeared for the day, leaving poor Pete crouched among the poison ivy leaves to be eaten alive by mosquitoes. Jessie had a wonderful time.

Dee: That’s a good story. Have you written it down?

Dorothy: Well, no.

Dee: Your family story journal is an important part of your history research work. It’s often overlooked because people think in terms of “just the facts” but actually those stories that you remember or have heard can tell a lot about who you really are. Don’t make a big production. Just jot stories down as you remember them.

Dorothy: You could use your phone, to dictate or send ideas back. I carry file cards in a case in my purse. I’ve always got them and you only have to jot down a line or two.

Dee: In our next installment, we’ll cover how to search census forms and Bible records. You’ll speed the search if you enlarge and print those census forms from the internet so you can read easily and take advantage of information available. Remember that each census asked different questions so what you can find is different.

Dorothy: I can hardly wait. It reminds me of the time that Jim Johnson . .

Dee: Shhhhh. Write it down, Dorothy. Write it down.

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Nisqually Wildlife Refuge at Lakewood United

“Nisqually Wildlife Refuge: Past – Present – Future” by Nisqually Wildlife Refuge Manager Glynnis Nakai will be topic of discussion at the July 24 meeting of Lakewood United.

The Lakewood United group meets at 7 AM every Thursday at Burs Restaurant, which is located at 6151 Steilacoom Boulevard SW in Lakewood. The next two programs after this week are: [Read more...]

Harmon Brewing Company launches Hop Coffee

TACOMA – Harmon Brewing Company is launching a new line of craft-brewed coffee drinks to the Tacoma area. Hop Coffee™ is a fusion of the Northwest’s twin favorites: coffee and craft beer. Melina Eshinski, a professional chef, was hired to handle the special alchemy between coffee and beer.

The flavored syrups are reductions of four of the Harmon’s signature craft beers: [Read more...]