Letter: An interview with Ben Gonter, candidate for Lakewood City Council

Ben Gonter

“Clearing the mouth of the Columbia with a cold wind kicking up whitecaps around them, the Susquehanna lay over on her side and took the bone in her teeth, pointing her bows into the cold northern seas as if anxious for the green water that lay ahead.”

– “Sitka” by Louis L’Amour.

Ben Gonter is not the pilot of a ship but has piloted a plane and now wants with the same firm hand required of both challenging and adventuresome pursuits to help steer the direction for Lakewood as candidate for City Council. [Read more…]

David Swindale announces run for county Charter Review Commission


David Swindale, who is running for Pierce County Charter Review Commission, has issued the following statement:

David Swindale has lived in Lakewood and worked in University Place for over twenty years. He has served both cities as an urban planner and a volunteer. Swindale is asking for support from the people of the 6th County Council District as he seeks the 3rd District 6 position on the Pierce County Charter Review Commission. [Read more…]

28th District Republican Club invites you to June 27 event

By Toni Aulerich

Just a reminder the 28th District Republican Club is having their annual picnic this Saturday, June 27, at Titlow Park beginning at 12 noon. Invited are State Senator Steve O’Ban and Representative Dick Muri as guest speakers. In addition, candidates and officials from surrounding areas and Pierce County Sheriff’s Department giving short presentations on what is going on in their prospective areas. If you would like to attend or have questions please call President Ron Suslick at 253) 312-1315.

West Pierce Fire & Rescue to put levy request on Aug. 4 ballot

The West Pierce Board of Fire Commissioners voted April 7, 2015 to place a four-year maintenance and operations levy request on the August 4th ballot. This four-year request is for $10.9 million dollars annually, replacing the existing levy. This amount will be collected each year, starting in 2016 and going through 2019. This is not a new tax, but a renewal of a maintenance and operations levy the community has supported for over 40 years. This funding represents approximately 35% of the operating budget. This levy request is $200,000 less, annually, compared to the current levy renewed by voters in 2013. [Read more…]

Eric Corp to run for DuPont City Council

Eric Corp

By Eric Corp

DuPont, WA – Today I announce my candidacy for DuPont City Council, Position 6. I have over 27 years of active military service and have been very active in my local community and church serving on various commissions, boards, and agencies. I am currently serving as the Chairman of the DuPont Planning Agency. I am an advocate of responsible government, fiscal stewardship, and pledge to work to meet the needs of all of our residents. [Read more…]