Request for no-bail hold extension on Lakewood shooting suspect

TACOMA, WA – Today Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist will request that a judge order an extension of a no-bail hold for Skylar Nikolas Bear Nemetz, 20, while the investigation into the death of his wife continues. On Oct. 17, 2014, a judge found probable cause to order Nemetz held without bail for 72 hours. He is scheduled to appear today at 1:30 p.m. in room 270 of the County-City Building. [Read more...]

Scammers prey on public’s fear of Ebola

DuPont, Wash — Scams tend to follow the news, especially when a health scare makes the headlines. Better Business Bureau serving Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington warns consumers that scam artists are preying on the public’s fear of Ebola. Fraudsters are making unsubstantiated claims that the disease can be cured or prevented by using products containing everything from silver to herbal oils to snake venom. [Read more...]

TNT: Prosecutor: Men try to use fake prescription to get 120 Oxycodone pills in Lakewood

“A Lakewood pharmacist was suspicious of the prescription for 120 Oxycodone pills so he asked his staff to verify it.

“Word came back that Ronald Ochoa Sr., 65, was not a patient at the hospital mentioned in the prescription and that it was forged.”

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Ft. Steilacoom Park Assault Suspect Sketch released


By Lt. Chris Lawler, Lakewood Police Department

LAKEWOOD – Listed below is what I originally sent out regarding this assault case that occurred on Friday September 19th;

At about 1:54 PM today [Friday, September 19], a female was grabbed from behind by an unknown male armed with a gun while in Ft. Steilacoom Park. 

The male grabbed the 52 year old victim’s shirt from behind and when she turned around, she noticed he was armed with a gun.  The female screamed, the male pushed her down and ran off.  A witness who was nearby heard the screams and ran over to the victim.  The area was searched by a Police K9 unit and the WSP Airplane, but the suspect was not located.  Some area schools were placed into lockdown during the search as a safety precaution and vehicles were checked as they left the park.

Detectives responded to the scene and are conducting an investigation.  The park was thoroughly searched, but police are no longer on the scene. [Read more...]

Oakbrook Break-ins and Burglaries


By Sandra Bennett

OAKBROOK – About 4:30AM on Thursday, September 25th, this car (below) was seen at a vacant home being remodeled in the 7700-7800 block of Onyx Drive. The house was broken into and $3,000-$4,000 worth of stuff was stolen. According to the investigating police officer, the same car has been involved in other break-ins and burglaries and has been seen cruising around the Oakbrook area. [Read more...]

TNT: Police link man shot during alleged Lakewood bank robbery attempt to a summer of crimes

“Police and prosecutors allege a Parkland man shot by an armored car guard outside a Lakewood bank during a robbery attempt last week also robbed a different armored car guard in Tacoma and carjacked another man in South Hill earlier this year.

“Michael Winston II, already charged with attempted robbery in the Lakewood incident, pleaded not guilty Wednesday to two additional counts of robbery.”

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TNT: Fourth man charged in string of South Sound bank robberies

“The latest man charged in a string of South Sound bank robberies told police he did it to buy a gun so he could kill a man who’d hurt his young daughter.

“Actually, according to court records, the accused robber spent the stolen cash on drugs.”

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