The Sheriff’s Log: Smarts and Heart Log

Sheriff Paul A. Pastor

By Paul Pastor, Pierce County Sheriff

In describing the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department and the quality of its people, I sometimes use the phrase “smarts and heart.”  These two characteristics describe people with intelligence, skill and know-how combined with dedication, a strong sense of responsibility and compassion. [Read more…]

The Sheriff’s Log: Should We Take Responsibility or ‘Just Call the Cops’?

Sheriff Paul A. Pastor

Following is The Sheriff’s Log by Paul Pastor, Pierce County Sheriff. It is reprinted with permission. This Log is from May. The June edition will be posted next week.

By Paul Pastor, Pierce County Sheriff

As I address community groups in Pierce County, it is no surprise that people have questions about recent events in policing around the nation. Use of force, training, racial issues, encounters with the mentally ill and community outreach all figure into the discussions of how these issues play out in Pierce County. I welcome those questions but my answers are not always politically correct. [Read more…]

Don’t let lawn care become a nightmare

DuPont, Wash. — Summer has all but arrived in the Pacific Northwest, and that means lawn care and yard maintenance are at the forefront of homeowners’ minds. Whether there are only simple tasks such as mowing the grass and weeding the flowerbed or there is a big project such as installing a sprinkler system or paving a new patio, many consumers rely on professional help to get their property in tip-top shape. [Read more…]

Scammers take aim this Memorial Day

As families prepare to honor fallen service members this Memorial Day weekend, Better Business Bureau serving Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington reminds the public that scammers have their sights set on ripping off military personnel.

Con artists often use malicious tactics to steal the money and identities of deployed troops and military families. [Read more…]

Charity scams follow Nepal earthquake

DuPont, Wash. — As the death toll climbs in Nepal following the massive earthquake over the weekend, Better Business Bureau along with Secretary of State Kim Wyman and Attorney General Bob Ferguson are urging Washingtonians to be on guard for charity scams targeting donors. “Anytime there’s a natural disaster, scammers will try to take advantage of people’s generosity,” said Tyler Andrew, CEO of Better Business Bureau serving Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington. “When donating to charities, go with ones that are experienced at working with disaster victims.” [Read more…]