Repair work on playground begins

Rotary logo

About 25 members of the Lakewood Rotary club worked on the Playground at Ft. Steilacoom on Thursday (see pictures below). In 2005, about 3,000 community volunteers came together for a week to construct the playground. Sadly, some of the Trex boards have failed and need replacement. Volunteers will be at the park again on Friday and Saturday.

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Pierce County welcomes task force home from record deployment to Oso

A Pierce County-based Urban Search and Rescue team has completed a record deployment to the massive SR 530 landslide in Snohomish County.

The first 80-member rotation of Washington Task Force 1 (WATF-1) deployed on March 24 and returned April 4. The second 80-member rotation deployed on April 4 and returned on April 19.

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Donate Children’s Books at Town of Steilacoom Spring Clean Up

Girl Scout Troop 40332 will be at the Spring Clean Up event for the Town of Steilacoom to collect children’s books. The Troop is partnering with the African Library Project to collect 1,000 children’s books and $500 that will be used to build a library at Chawe Primary School in Malawi. The Scouts will be accepting books for children ages preschool thru 8th grade and donations to help cover the cost of shipping the books. This is a great opportunity to clear out those book shelves and support a good cause at the same time! If you have any questions you may email the troop at

‘Your Family’ coming to The Suburban Times

David and Kelli Pritchard are Lakewood residents, and founders of Pritchard Ministries, who travel the community and the world “helping people with their marriages and their parenting.” Dave and Kelli,  have “eleven children, four grandchildren and have been guardians for a dozen others.” Starting this week, we’ll be linking to their blog as they post new content. If the topic sparks an interest feel free to click through to read more. Welcome to The Suburban Times Dave and Kelli.

Little Church on the Prairie Hosts “Make a Difference” Day April 26th

Cemetery Marker Placement

For the second year, Pastor James Kim has asked his congregation at Little Church on the Prairie to participate in “Make a Difference” (MADD) Day.  The first one is scheduled this Saturday, April 26th in conjunction with Pierce County’s Park Appreciation Day.

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Parks Appreciation Day

Be part of a county-wide effort on Saturday, April 26th from 9:00am-12noon. 2,500 volunteers will converge on 50 local parks and natural areas to “give back” by pruning, pulling, and planting. You can be part of this effort at Chambers Creek Regional Park, 8950 64th St W in University Place. For more information about what you will be doing at the site please contact