Westside Story – Christmas Angels – 15th Year

Gift storage vacant cubicle.

On March 5, 2014, I wrote a story titled, Westside Story – Community Christmas Angels.

The two women featured in my story have done it again.  On December 12, 2014, The Friends and Family Holiday Give-A-Way was held. Christmas Angels, Joan Eisenhardt and Kathy Sweeney, volunteered for a solid year in their effort to create a joyous Christmas holiday for 500 low income Greater Lakes Mental Health Care clients who suffer from a variety of debilitating mental illness conditions.  Greater Lakes, which must be considered a community asset, is located in the City of Lakewood at 9330 – 59th Av SW.  T: 253-581-7020.
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Westside Story – Grim Reaper – Part III

Emergency Department

At the end of Grim Reaper – Part II, the final paragraph left readers clinging to edge of their computers.

For those of you who missed that riveting final paragraph, I quote, “What happens next is nothing short of amazing. Until Grim Reaper – Part III in this popular series, you should be asking yourself, 1) Does Joe pass out? 2) Does the nurse pass out? 3) Does the EKG start smoking and burst into flames?” [Read more…]

Westside Story – Grim Reaper – Part I

Grim Reaper

Two thoughts motivate me to write this story. One, what I have to share could save a life, yours or someone you love. Two, if my story fails to save any lives, it is my hope my tale will be entertaining.

Publisher Ben Sclair and I reviewed the oral version of my story, and we both agreed it would be better if I serialized the story in order to tell my tale in bite size pieces.

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Catch The Christmas Spirit: How to handle holiday Stress

“I think we’ve just about ruined Christmas,” said the man behind the counter. I tried not to take it personally as I pushed a huge stack of packages across the counter. “All this stuff that has nothing to do with Christmas at all. I’ve got no choice about what I do here,” he continued, “but at home I make sure that everything we do is the REAL Christmas.” [Read more…]

Westside Story – Election Reflection

Just 12 days of slick, misleading political recycling trash junk mail.

November 4, 2014, Election Day, has come and gone.

I remember middle school elections of the 1950s.  Candidates made posters. Candidates made “Vote for me” paper badges for their supporters.  Little effort was expended determining which candidates were most qualified. It was a silly juvenile popularity contest based on superficial issues such as who had the best posters.

As I reflect on elections in my adult life, it appears to me that not much has changed.  Today’s elections are still much like middle school;  silly  and juvenile.
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