Westside Story – Cashless in Seattle

Left - Con-man parking ticket. Right - legitimate ticket.

Remember that fun movie, Sleepless in Seattle? This story has nothing to do with that movie. Cashless in Seattle is a different kind of story. The scene I am about to describe could be in a movie, but it was not.

After my wife and I retired, we decided to dedicate one day a week as Date-Day. We pledged to set this one day aside each week to do fun things together.

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Westside Story – Drug Babies

Actual scene from Joe Boyle’s creative work environment during interview of local author, Shirlee Eskew Dashow, with her new book, Coke-Cry Revisited.

Readers, today was a fun day starting with a coffee meeting with local author Shirlee Eskew Dashow who has published her first book, Coke-Cry Revisited.

Coke-Cry Revisited. Titles fascinate me. I play with titles as I create my articles. I continually search for just the right words. I want my titles to be on target, say a lot in a few words and to capture the attention of my readers with the hope they will want to see the photos and read the entire article. [Read more...]

Westside Story – Pierce Transit Tests EZ Boy Recliners at Bus Stops

EZ Boy Recliner at Pierce Transit Bus Stop Test Site 8500 Bridgeport Way SW.

On December 25, 2012, we published a story titled Pierce Transit Fights Obesity.

Being community minded and wanting to be a part of the solution to American obesity, Pierce Transit experimented with installing exercise bikes at their bus stop test sights.

It turns out that most bus riders do not like exercise and are actually quite slothful.

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Westside Story – Missing Person


Hey, I miss you guys. My last article appeared in the June 17, 2014, Suburban Times. We have not shared one single Westside Story since.

I know some of you have been searching the obituaries for my name. Others thought I might be doing some hard prison time. There was even talk of putting my photo on milk cartons. My most loyal reader thought putting my photo on beer cans might be more effective. [Read more...]

Around the Sound: Wild carrots and weedy “sweet” peas

Two weekends ago my granddaughter and her parents loaded their vehicles and left very early Friday morning for the annual pilgrimage to the other side of the state where granddaughter was to begin her sophomore year at WSU. This morning I received a set of jpgs (see, I’m using the lingo) showing how her suite and bedroom were are arranged. Once she settled in, she helped arriving freshmen familiarize themselves with the campus. [Read more...]

Around the Sound: Meet me in St. Louis…or Puyallup

Wait! Not St. Louis…that was held to mark the 1904 centennial of Lewis and Clark. Besides, it was a musical that featured Judy Garland who sang the title song… “Meet me in St. Louis, Louis…”

Headliner entertainment aside, it’s always the artistic arrangements of fruits, veggies and flowers that are the perennial attention-getters at these agricultural events. These intricate displays have long symbolized the fair’s primary purpose: showcasing Mother Nature’s bounty.

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