Westside Story – On The Road 75 Years Later – Part 2


If you missed Westside Story – On The Road 75 Years Later – Part 1, please consider clicking the blue link to catch up.

My roommate, Jim Singer, and I combined walking and bus riding for our daily commute to and from work. On one fateful day as we made our way home, we were swept up in a racial protest down in the Loop. We did not fully understand what was happening, nor did we wish to protest. We tried to escape the fracas by entering a nearby jewelry store. The owner quickly slammed and locked the door and would not let us in. He must have thought we were protestors bent on pillaging his store. [Read more…]

Sheriff’s Log: Immigration Issues

Sheriff Paul A. Pastor

By Paul Pastor, Pierce County Sheriff

Earlier this month, in San Francisco a man illegally in this country killed a young woman with a stolen gun. This man had previously been convicted of felonies and had already been deported five times. This has prompted concern and debate with regard to detention of non-citizens on Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency detainers. [Read more…]

Westside Story – City of Lakewood makes the impossible possible

New road connects family.

On Friday, July 24, 2015, a good news article appeared in The Suburban Times titled Legislative Session Successful For Lakewood.  Under the sub-heading JBLM Corridor, I found miracle news which read as follows:

  • “A local connector road between Gravelly Lake Drive and Thorne Lane, essentially opening up the Tillicum neighborhood to the rest of Lakewood for the first time.”

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Westside Story – Tillicum Scores 10 on Neg-O-Meter

Cartoon - SWS.

I recently invented a prototype high tech device called the Neg-O-Meter. The Neg-O-Meter operates much like a Geiger Counter only instead of measuring radiation, it measures human negativity.

I used a Homeland Security approved bungee cord to attach my Neg-O-Meter to a radio controlled drone which I flew over the entire city to determine where the strongest source of negative attitudes radiate from. I did not fly my drone over the kids playing soccer at Ft. Steilacoom Park, because it is dangerous and besides, kids playing soccer are not going to be negative. [Read more…]

The Sheriff’s Log: Should We Take Responsibility or ‘Just Call the Cops’?

Sheriff Paul A. Pastor

Following is The Sheriff’s Log by Paul Pastor, Pierce County Sheriff. It is reprinted with permission. This Log is from May. The June edition will be posted next week.

By Paul Pastor, Pierce County Sheriff

As I address community groups in Pierce County, it is no surprise that people have questions about recent events in policing around the nation. Use of force, training, racial issues, encounters with the mentally ill and community outreach all figure into the discussions of how these issues play out in Pierce County. I welcome those questions but my answers are not always politically correct. [Read more…]

Westside Story – Lemonheads

Make up artist, Rachael Wagoner, fixing my radio face for film while I am in full costume.

I imagine some of you have heard me describe my life in three chapters. Chapter I involved 25 + years in business. Chapter II was 23 + years in public service as a deputy sheriff. After I retired on April Fool’s Day, 2013, I started Chapter III which is The Arts. [Read more…]