Around the Sound: Lakewood Historical Society dedicates historical markers


Never mind that Wednesday’s temperatures were above the norm. A group of Lakewood historians were standing in the shade when they dedicated two more historical markers in the City.

LHS President Becky Huber, joined by Lakewood Mayor Don Anderson and City Manager John Caufield, LHS board members and others, gathered in a shady spot at Lakewold Gardens, to dedicate the latest of a pair of a dozen bronze markers.

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Around the Sound: Writer concludes book-writing project with Steilacoom spa session

As soon as I finished my latest book project—yes! another history book—I planned to celebrate with champagne. After all, Lake City promoter Allen C. Mason had used champagne to launch the steamboat, “Lake City” on American Lake that carried prospective landowners on the day that city was established. [Read more...]

Around the Sound: Hurlow remembers school days at Little Red Schoolhouse and a late 60s Lakes Summer Festival


How did Lakewood’s Summerfest—known years earlier as “Lakes Summer Festival” originate? The answer to that question sent this writer in search of old news stories on microfilm at the Lakewood History Museum, and to meetings with folks who “remembered.”

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Around the Sound: Big excitement at the Steilacoom Library

Monday morning at 11:45 I was at the Steilacoom Library. The parking lot was full because there was a kid’s program underway– a loud, exciting juggler. Well about 10 minutes later, lights started flashing, and librarian Jennifer told us we’d have to leave. Apparently the grand finale of the show involved steam, but the steam set off the smoke alarm. [Read more...]

Around the Sound: Handkerchief Lecture set at SHMA

Did you ever carry a handkerchief? You know, fancy cloth items that you either stuffed in your back pocket or carried it in a handbag. Made of lace, silk, etc. handkerchiefs once were an essential accessory in most folks’ wardrobe.

During June, the Steilacoom Historical Museum is featuring an extensive handkerchief display–from souvenir mementos to dolls made from the fabric and more. The pieces on display are all part of Annette Zweig Donham’s collection. “AZ” will speak about her collection at a summer lecture at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 24 at the Museum.

The Museum’s gift store also features contemporary handkerchiefs for sale.