Letter: The Paperclip House

Fathers Day, 2012

I’ve a house-shaped paperclip holder on my desk. Turn it upside down and shake it and those funny bent wires that hold things together don’t quite escape the chimney at the top since there’s a magnet there that keeps them intact and close at hand.

On this 22nd day of April, the Swedish – my heritage – word for paper clip is “gem” a most appropriate description of my wife whose birthday is today.

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Bates’ Brain Series explores how early learning experiences shap e brain development

Bates Technical College logo

TACOMA –Whether it’s singing nursery rhymes, reading to children, or verbally engaging with babies and toddlers, each interaction fosters brain development. Explore how loving and warm interactions and challenging learning experiences promote healthy brain development at Bates Technical College’s Brain Series lecture.

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Ladies Sing the Blues


The community is invited to hear David Deacon-Joyner, PhD. speak on the unique style and perspective of women who have sung the American musical art form- the Blues. We will hear recordings of these artists from the 1920′s and ’30′s, how they impacted the recording industry, and started the nationwide popularity of female blues singers of African descent, whose appeal crossed the lines of race.

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Little Church on the Prairie Hosts “Make a Difference” Day April 26th

Cemetery Marker Placement

For the second year, Pastor James Kim has asked his congregation at Little Church on the Prairie to participate in “Make a Difference” (MADD) Day.  The first one is scheduled this Saturday, April 26th in conjunction with Pierce County’s Park Appreciation Day.

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Parks Appreciation Day

Be part of a county-wide effort on Saturday, April 26th from 9:00am-12noon. 2,500 volunteers will converge on 50 local parks and natural areas to “give back” by pruning, pulling, and planting. You can be part of this effort at Chambers Creek Regional Park, 8950 64th St W in University Place. For more information about what you will be doing at the site please contact info@chamberscreekfoundation.org.

Easter Sunday Worship at United Church

By Lynne Jenks-Dudschus

Join United Church in University Place at 10am for our Easter Worship Service. It will be ASL Interpreted by Jane Brazell. The last steps of our Lenten journey bring us from death to resurrection. The liturgical season has been a progression through the wilderness to the blossoming garden. We have moved from the depths of winter to the promise of spring, from sleep to to being awake, from midnight to brilliant day.

Where are you in this grief-to-joy spectrum? How do you express your gratitude for movement toward joy? How might the story of the risen Christ renew our individual and collective lives? What energy was at work in the sealed tomb that can bring this renewal?

Join us for a good celebration with great music. United Church is located at 3912 Grandview Dr W.

*All are invited to bring a fresh flower from your yard! (for the cross that will be in the entryway of the church!)