Westside Story – City of Lakewood makes the impossible possible

New road connects family.

On Friday, July 24, 2015, a good news article appeared in The Suburban Times titled Legislative Session Successful For Lakewood.  Under the sub-heading JBLM Corridor, I found miracle news which read as follows:

  • “A local connector road between Gravelly Lake Drive and Thorne Lane, essentially opening up the Tillicum neighborhood to the rest of Lakewood for the first time.”

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Letter: Foster Care Placement Crisis in Pierce County


By Erika Thompson

Pierce County has a desperate need for foster families. Each night there are children sitting in the Tacoma office waiting for placement. On Monday there were eight children, on Tuesday six children ranging from age 2-14 years still without a place to rest their head at 10 pm. [Read more…]

Letter: An interview with Ben Gonter, candidate for Lakewood City Council

Ben Gonter

“Clearing the mouth of the Columbia with a cold wind kicking up whitecaps around them, the Susquehanna lay over on her side and took the bone in her teeth, pointing her bows into the cold northern seas as if anxious for the green water that lay ahead.”

– “Sitka” by Louis L’Amour.

Ben Gonter is not the pilot of a ship but has piloted a plane and now wants with the same firm hand required of both challenging and adventuresome pursuits to help steer the direction for Lakewood as candidate for City Council. [Read more…]

Westside Story – Tillicum Scores 10 on Neg-O-Meter

Cartoon - SWS.

I recently invented a prototype high tech device called the Neg-O-Meter. The Neg-O-Meter operates much like a Geiger Counter only instead of measuring radiation, it measures human negativity.

I used a Homeland Security approved bungee cord to attach my Neg-O-Meter to a radio controlled drone which I flew over the entire city to determine where the strongest source of negative attitudes radiate from. I did not fly my drone over the kids playing soccer at Ft. Steilacoom Park, because it is dangerous and besides, kids playing soccer are not going to be negative. [Read more…]