Letter: Shopping Carts Over Saving Lives

The top priority of the Lakewood Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC) is to “develop a shopping cart ordinance.”

That was the consensus by the Lakewood City Council at its meeting this past March 17 (click here, then again on April 7 and scroll to p.008) in an effort to provide direction for the PSAC which has been struggling lately in that regard.

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Tillicum Elementary Students Help Girl Scouts Build a Library


By Bettye Craft

The five members of Girl Scout Troop 40332 will be graduating this year and as their final community service project they decided to partner with the African Library Project. The Troop will be collecting 1000 books and $500 that will be used to furnish a library in Chawe Primary School in Malawi.

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Letter: Ruby Apts. Plan Rubs Oakbrook Residents Wrong

And the Camp Murray gate-relocate similarity.

Lakewood City Councilman Mike Brandstetter wants to know how the zoning that allows for three-story apartments planned for Oakbrook – four buildings at 40 feet tall housing 66 units covering nearly 3 acres to include a multipurpose building and 121 parking stalls – differs from what happened in Tillicum with the relocation of Camp Murray’s gate.

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