Letter: What The Heck Is That?

My wife planted a garden of vegetables – we think – but the jungle has not only taken root, it has taken over: the space available; the adjoining lawn; the bulkhead that separates the garden from the lake; and it has begun to obscure the view.

Our son-in-law swears he can see it grow (and grow and grow) while he’s watering it.

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Letter: Money Made from Smoke and Mirrors

Lakewood is compensated up to $24,875 for its smoke detectors, aka the Lakewood Police Department Community Service Officers (CSO) and one Code Enforcement Officer.

According to a Public Disclosure Requested (PDR) document – the September 27, 2012 contractual agreement between the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCAA) and the City of Lakewood – the City is reimbursed nearly $25,000 for the five members of Lakewood’s Burn Ban Patrol to observe, photograph, document and report those caught violating the air with smoke from chimneys, outdoor fires and even BBQ’s during burn bans. [Read more...]

Letter: I Thought He Was Your Friend?

Loyalty or honesty – which quality best describes a friend? “I thought he was your friend?”

The question was asked of me by a reporter. I’d just retaken my seat following the allowed three minutes at the microphone in which I had chastised one of the city council for his attempt to override our community effort to honor one of our locals.

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Letter: Let’s Clear the Air


About Puget Sound Clean Air – On the day after July 4 when America celebrated with bombs bursting in air, I’m preparing my case to argue before the Pollution Control Hearings Board about chestnuts (actually hot-dogs) roasting on an open fire.

This past February 21 I received – at which time I first became aware – a Civil Penalty citation in the amount of $1,000 from the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCA) that we had “caused or allowed unlawful outdoor burning” during a burn ban at one of our rental properties shortly before Christmas two-months-and-two-weeks previously.

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