Letter: The three ‘F’s’ as opposed to the three ‘R’s’


Fluff, frills and froth are a more apt description of what is ostensibly touted as benefiting education – much less professional development – at the National School Board Association (NSBA) annual conferences.

Certainly so in light of the savings to be had, had the members of the Clover Park School District board just stayed home. [Read more…]

Letter: Best bang for the buck in educating our kids


“How to deal with difficult people seminar” was one of the takeaways from the National School Board Association (NSBA) annual conference held last year in New Orleans, Louisiana, attended by four of the five members of the Clover Park School District Board of Directors (CPSD).

Count me among the difficult-people group as I have a hard time reconciling the expenditure of “department funds” – presumably tax-payer dollars – for such getaways. [Read more…]

Letter: No cause for alarm

There is no cause for alarm

On an overnighter at Gran and Pappy’s house, she pushed the alarm panic button because she thought it was the light switch hanging as the button was from the lamp cord, made convenient for Pappy who has health issues.

Lakewood Police arrived to what turned out to be a false alarm. [Read more…]

Letter: A mallard and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos


The faster the boat went, the faster the mallard duck flew.

I later learned we’d never have outrun this crazed-winged beast. Not so much because mallard ducks have been clocked at 50-60 mph and there was no way our aged six-horse outboard was going to come anywhere remotely close to that threshold, but because this creature was addicted to Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. [Read more…]