Little Church on the Prairie helps fill food bank need

A portion of the collected LCOP Fish Food Bank donations

By Ken Upton

During a recent “Focus Group Ministry” meting at the Little Church on the Prairie (LCOP), member, Candy Tingstad, mentioned a need at the local Fish Food Bank, located at the Lakewood United Methodist Church, for three items often in demand and short in supply: bathroom tissue, baby diapers, and peanut butter. Two weeks ago, Candy presented a challenge to the LCOP congregation to bring these items over the next seven days for delivery to the Food Bank With the church’s Learning Center and Pre-School staff members plus the children’s parents joining the challenge the response was overwhelming. [Read more…]

Celebrate Pacific Islander Heritage Month at Tillicum Library

The rich cultural diversity of the Pacific Islands will be displayed through booths highlighting crafts, food, and games from the islands of Guam, American Samoa, Yap and Marshall. Participants will experience this cultural event with hands-on involvement. Traditional dance and singing from each island will be performed. All ages welcome. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Saturday, May 16, 2 p.m. [Read more…]

Letter: An open letter to the Lakewood Police Department

Lt. Chris Lawler,

Per the link here – the Lakewood Police Department’s Press Release found on the city’s website and dated April 22 but as of this date, May 4, not seen in any media publication – “regarding the officer involved shooting (fatal) that occurred on 04-21-15 in the City of Lakewood,” there are indeed “a lot of questions and requests for additional information.” [Read more…]

Letter: It’s only about ethics if you get caught

splash in the water

April 30 was National Honesty Day. Not that it matters. Unsurprisingly, there is no presidential or congressional declaration honoring even 24 hours of truth-telling.

That being the sad truth, and in the spirit of Lois Lerner’s lost (and more now found) emails, here’s a short fish story – a true story as it turns out – of the one(s) that didn’t get away. [Read more…]

Public open house on I-5 improvements along JBLM corridor, May 5

LAKEWOOD – The public is invited to attend an open house on May 5 to learn more about ideas to help relieve congestion on Interstate 5 between Lakewood and DuPont. Washington State Department of Transportation staff will host the open house where commuters and residents are encouraged to participate and comment. [Read more…]

Letter: It can be done, so why wasn’t it?

Dont shoot

Author – David Anderson

As we continue to await word from the results of the interview of Lakewood Police Department (LPD) officials with two of their officers who have been placed on administrative leave following the shooting death of Daniel Covarrubias this last Tuesday, April 21 – specifically as to whether or not the father of seven was armed at the time he was shot – should the public be holding its fire or is it legitimate to ask why the LPD did not withhold theirs? [Read more…]

Business Examiner: Changing fortunes for Tillicum

“Tillicum is an island. To the west is American Lake and to the east is I-5. To the south is Camp Murray and to the north is Tacoma Country and Golf Club. The only way in and out is I-5, and that plays host to some heavy-duty congestion. Essentially, Tillicum is cut off from the rest of Lakewood.” Read the rest of Zachariah Bryan’s in-depth story of “how the economic outlook is evolving in the poorest neighborhood in Lakewood” at the Business Examiner website.