Letter: I Thought He Was Your Friend?

Loyalty or honesty – which quality best describes a friend? “I thought he was your friend?”

The question was asked of me by a reporter. I’d just retaken my seat following the allowed three minutes at the microphone in which I had chastised one of the city council for his attempt to override our community effort to honor one of our locals.

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Letter: Let’s Clear the Air


About Puget Sound Clean Air – On the day after July 4 when America celebrated with bombs bursting in air, I’m preparing my case to argue before the Pollution Control Hearings Board about chestnuts (actually hot-dogs) roasting on an open fire.

This past February 21 I received – at which time I first became aware – a Civil Penalty citation in the amount of $1,000 from the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency (PSCA) that we had “caused or allowed unlawful outdoor burning” during a burn ban at one of our rental properties shortly before Christmas two-months-and-two-weeks previously.

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Letter: The Value of Conflict – As We Approach Our Nation’s Birthday

A cracked Liberty Bell summons to America. Forever.

Sometimes to initiate a newbie to our youth group we’d randomly place on a sheet, in full view of everyone, a dozen or more eggs right out of the carton. The new kid on the block was then blindfolded and challenged to walk from one side of the sheet to the other with the objective of not stepping on any of the landmines. [Read more...]

Soldiers donate time to help Tillicum students

Soldiers from the 514th Medical Company volunteered this year to help Tillicum Elementary students with reading, math, science and other subjects.

Soldiers from the 514th Medical Company stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) helped students at Tillicum Elementary with reading, math, science and other subjects at least once a month this year. Tillicum has always had a partnership with a medical brigade at JBLM but the visits weren’t on a regular basis.

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Letter: A Promise Made Is

On the one year anniversary (June 18) of the death of 28-year-old Patrick O’Meara, killed by Lakewood Police in a felony arrest attempt shortly before midnight in Tillicum, Lakewood Mayor Don Anderson comments on the city Facebook page:

“Mr. O’Meara’s death was tragic. It was tragic for him, his family and for the officers who he, by his willful choice, forced into a situation where their lives were threatened and they are involuntarily compelled to live with the consequences. Was it “suicide by cop,” most likely; or just being incredibly stupid?  Perhaps we will never know. Officer’s lives will not be risked and policy will not be changed based on an individual’s grudges.” [Read more...]